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Beacon mobile payment App development India

Beacon is a wireless device which is known for small size powered by tiny cells to broadcast unique identification ID and value numbers for the location-based data. Beacon-based mobile app gained so many innovative ideas to revolutionize the concept of using mobile apps for the business. We are the pioneer in developing wireless payment solutions in the era of Web & mobile app-based world. Bellow are the few highlights of Beacon mobile payment app development India.

What is a Payment mobile Apps / Payment wallet Apps

Payment mobile apps are the type of wallet where you store the money from your bank account or credit cards in the digital form. Whenever you go out for shopping or purchase anything, it helps in making the payment without the physical presence of Debit / Credit cards.
Payment solution apps give a value addition to your customer and ease of convenience to pay for the invoices without a need of carrying the cards or cash.

Key features of Beacon mobile payment App

Below are the key characteristics of a Beacon mobile payment app development which gives value addition to your business and you can also create a new business model to provide the B2B payment solutions to other businesses. We have successfully delivered a couple of mobile payment solutions or payment wallet mobile app till date with a contactless payment feature using beacon wireless technology.

  • Contactless Payment Solution without using any card swipe machine.
  • Highly Secure All operations will be done on server no data communicate in beacon signals.
  • Unique Value Addition to your customer shopping experience.
  • Fully equipped Marketing tool. Send special offers on mobile app.
  • Track customer purchase behaviour in indoor locations of retail outlet.
  • We only provide Custom mobile app development services on given requirements.
Beacon payment mobile app development 1
  • Create B2B payment solution provider business for other businesses.
  • No need of standing in queue gives royal feel to your customers.
  • Just a click to pay the invoice no need to open barcode reader or mobile number to send payments.
  • Only one beacon device required at each billing counter.
  • We only provide Custom mobile app development services on given requirements.

Do you have a great idea for Beacon Mobile App Development?

Just start the discussion with us and based on our previous experience we will guide you how well you convert it into an awesome product which will generate innovative results.

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