Temperature Monitoring Mobile App Solution V2.0

Our Smart Temperature Monitoring Mobile App powered by iBeacon Bluetooth technology. You can use this app to monitor the temperature rating of critical spaces on the go on the Mobile App any time anywhere. You can set temperature range in the app for different places which will notify you on email, TXT message if temperature goes above or below that set temperature. You can also see real temperature of that place anytime.

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DizTemp App - How this Work?

DizTemp Mobile App - Smart Temperature Monitoring Mobile App

Smart Temperature Monitoring Mobile App Solution — powered by IoT iBeacon Bluetooth technology which facilitates you to monitor the real-time temperature of the different areas from where ever you are, through your smartphone device, emails or mobile TXT messages. There are several situations in the business industry where we need the desired temperature to be maintained to process some particular work like in Medical Industry, Food Industry, Manufacturing industry, etc.

This Temperature Monitoring Mobile App Solution serves with iBeacon devices which attached with a temperature sensor. You can place each ibeacon device to different areas where you need to watch the temperature or temperature crucial places. iBeacon device regularly broadcast temperature details to beacon signal receiver which further communicates data/actions/ notifications to desired media like Smartphone, Push Notifications, TXT messages on mobile, Email, etc.

Temperature Monitoring Mobile App Solution

Smart features of "DizTemp" Temperature Monitoring Mobile App

Monitor Multiple Places

You can set different areas in the mobile app with different ibeacon temperature devices. App regularly updates the real-time temperature with a time gap of 5-10-15-20-30 seconds.

Set Desired Temperature Range

You can set up the desired temperature range in the app, If the temperature goes above or below the range it stars sending the alerts to pre-defined contacts.

Types Of Alerts

In case of different temperature app starts sending the alerts in the form of Push Notifications, TXT on mobile, Email. You can set these settings in the mobile app.

Monitor Realtime Temperature

The app monitors the temperature in realtime in every 5 or 10 or 15 or 30 seconds. This ease your concern of checking the temperature of the crucial business places again n again. It sends alerts if the temperature goes above or below the set level.

Equipped with iBeacon + Temperature Sensor

ibeacon low energy Bluetooth device powered with a battery which has a very long life from 6 months to a year.

Cost Effective Smart Solution

This is a cost-effective smart temperature monitoring solution. All ibeacon devices equipped with a replaceable battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The DizTemp is an innovative solution developed by the in-house team of Fablian Technologies. Fablian is an ibeacon development company, working with ioT technologies and keeps developing innovative smart mobile apps or wearable devices for different use cases of business life. The DizTemp solution used to monitor the temperature of a particular place & notify the pre-defined contacts if there is any fluctuation in the temperature to avoid losses or reduce productivity.
DizTemp Mobile App works with low energy Bluetooth technology ibeacons which is preattached with a temperature sensor. iBeacons takes temperature data and broadcast to nearby installed ibeacon signal receiver which further transmits it to HTTP protocol and all notification action has been coded on the web server. Mobile app sync temperature data from the server and shows to the app user or if it goes beyond or below the set range it starts sending the notification triggers.
When you add & activate ibeacon device to a particular place through the mobile app it asks for the mobile number for TXT notification & Email for email notification. As soon as the system detects the temperature reading beyond the set range of temperature, it starts sending TXT message on defined number & email notifications on the prefilled email address. We are working on another notification method where it can also do alerts via Push Notifications.
You can add as many ibeacon devices to the mobile app presently. Each one configured with unique value and can set different people emails & mobile numbers who receive the notification in the time of SOS.
Nopes, We will provide you with all the required numbers of ibeacon temperature sensors, ibeacon receivers for HTTP & iBeacon signal bridge and white label mobile app. We have all the resources to provide you with the best hardware & mobile app solution.
Yes, Ibeacon devices have been powered with coin-like battery and it works for a very long time around 6 months to 1 year. A battery is easy to change and very cheap in price. ibeacon signal receiver powered with USB and it can directly attach to some system or wall charger.
Absolutely Not required, We made an easy to use mobile app which automatically detects ibeacon sensor and you just need to fill place name, mobile number & email for notification. You can easily activate or deactivate the ibeacon readings your self.
This monitoring app is useful for the situations where you have a temperature critical operations such as Food Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Telecom Industry to Maintain the AC temperature at Telecom Towers, Health Care Industry & many others.
Yes, We also do. Just share your use case and our business experts will analyze your requirements and provide you with great details and options to accomplish your requirements.

Smart DizTemp Mobile App

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