Online Grocery Delivery During Coronavirus Outbreak

Online Grocery Delivery During Coronavirus Outbreak

People are trying to stay at home due to lockdown because of the coronavirus outbreak. For staying safe people are afraid of stepping-out as there is a risk of exposure to the virus outside so they want to get everything at their doorstep. The demand for grocery deliveries has increased so much that companies such as Grofers and BigBasket which were settled well in this area were battling to keep up with the demand of people but during this crisis time grocery deliveries have become a must-have feature for the business. After the lockdown was announced by the Government as a precautionary measure to avoid the spread of coronavirus so that its transmission can be reduced many e-commerce platforms as well as restaurant aggregators such as Zomato and Swiggy have also started providing grocery delivery services.  

If you own a grocery business or planning to open the store then it’s a must you should have a grocery mobile app for your business for deliveries or taking orders from your regular customers.

Why Online Grocery Delivery App is Needed during COVID-19

It is a fact that people are struggling to survive in this crisis as a lot of changes are happening outside. Government restrictions, fear of getting infected, the worry of how they will arrange for their meals is making them anxious. However, online grocery apps can at least give them some relief as they will be able to get the essential items needed in their daily life easily and at their doorstep. The grocery delivery services are also the need of the hour because of the following reasons:

  1. People are Scared:  It is a fact that people are worried about themselves and their family since the coronavirus outbreak came into news. They are scared to move-out but they will need the grocery and other essential items, for which if they have to step-out; they are putting themselves at risk of getting infected so it is quite disturbing for them. If they will have a medium to get groceries at their doorstep they will be peaceful. 
  2. People Often Forget Safety in Grocery Premises: When we go shopping in a grocery store how many of us would just pick the items without touching or feeling. We are human beings and we forget things at times therefore going to a grocery store and picking the items without gloves or any safety precaution is going to get us and our family in trouble. So, it is better to shop online for all the items and get your order delivered safely at your doorstep.
  3. People are working from Home: Government directives for staying at home during the lockdown in many countries have forced many businesses to work remotely. Millions of people across the globe are working from home especially the IT employees. The people working from home do not have the luxury of time at the present time. As the shops remain open only for a fixed time so people working remotely can’t afford to leave their work and go to buy groceries but they also need to survive. For them also, online grocery shopping is the best way.    
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Benefits of Shopping from Grocery mobile app During Coronavirus Outbreak

Shopping online by way of mobile apps or web apps is not something novel but during the coronavirus, outbreak or situation like this is surely essential because it is beneficial in every way. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of shopping groceries online:

    1. Helps Maintain Social Distancing: When people order groceries and other essential items online they do it just by using mobile apps on their smartphone and they don’t have to move out. Unlike going to buy products from grocery shops where there will be a crowd you can place your order at the comfort of your home and get your order delivered at your doorstep. This helps you to maintain social distance from others. 
    2. Save Time: You don’t need to go out and search for a shop that has all the items you need. You can shop anytime and search your items by just typing the name of the product in the search bar. Instead of fighting the crowd or getting to the grocery store before it is closed as shops open for limited hours during a lockdown, you can get all your items delivered safely at your home. 
    3. Visibility to Masses: Many companies such as Paytm, Meesho have gained visibility among the masses as they have started grocery deliveries seeing the current situation where people are not able to move outside to buy their daily essentials because of lockdown and risk. You can reach millions of people if you have a grocery delivery mobile app. 
    4. Helps you Stay Organized: A lot of grocery services allow you to save your items list for future use. You can also automate your grocery deliveries if you want frequently purchased items to be delivered on a regular basis. This will save you from forgetting any items that you need. 
    5. Avoid Impulse Purchases and Prevent Wastage of Goods: Another benefit of online grocery shopping is that we don’t make impulse purchases. Many times, it happens when we cross through a bakery shop while going to the grocery store we often buy things unnecessarily. Online grocery shopping saves you from that as you can select exactly what you want to buy reducing your spending on unnecessary purchases. This crisis has taught us the importance of things so we can’t afford to waste them. 
    6. Keep Economy Going: The coronavirus outbreak happened suddenly and so is the lockdown; we were not prepared for such a situation when it will be risky to step outside. The world economy has suffered a lot due to the lockdown happening across the world but mobile apps and options to buy and sell online have made businesses as well the people survive during this whole crisis that has hit the world. 
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As the coronavirus crisis still continues, people are facing difficulties to get their basic necessities. Business people are pivoting their businesses to survive during the crisis as well as serving their community during their hard times. More and more people are turning to online grocery services to get their essentials delivered and at the same time maintain social distance and follow the guidelines issued by the authorities to stay safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus. It is a reality that we are facing a crisis but we are lucky that we are living in this digital era having the power of mobile devices and the internet to help us survive safely during this pandemic.


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