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Recently, iBeacon technology gained so many consideration in the area of marketing, customer engagement, contact less payments, assist in various AI customer behavior analytics. If you are looking to engage beacon technology in your business then you are at the right place because our team has very distinguished experience in developing many beacon based mobile app in the past and continue developing more.

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Popular Applications: Nearby Offers in the Mall / Market, Contactless Check-ins, Contactless Payments, Indoor Mapping, Inventory Tracking, Security, SOS, Smart Equipments, Art Galleries & many others.

You will feel amazed when seeing following benefits of using iBeacon technology in ibeacon app development company India for your business. This is a new era of customer engagement with your products & provide detailed analytics about your customer’s behavior to your products and ultimate experience for your customers.

ibeacon app development company India
ibeacon app development company India

We have all Real iBeacons, Beacon Receiver & Beacon Gateway devices in-house.

  • Wearable Wristband.
  • Long Range iBeacon up to 4000 mt.
  • iBeacon with Temperature Sensor.
  • iBeacon with Humidity & Light Sensor.
  • Accelerometer / Motion Sensor.
  • Air Pressure Sensor.
  • iBeacon with SOS Button.
  • Beacon Signal Reciever.
  • Beacon Signal bridge to Wifi & HTTP.
iBeacon App Development Company India & USA

Idea's of iBeacon apps from iBeacon app development company India

Proximity Marketing Apps

For a business where the location is significant Geo-targeting in combination with Push Notifications is one of the most powerful app engagement tools.

Indoor Tracking Apps

GPS doesn't work in indoors, where the use of beacons comes to map out indoor mapping with proper navigation inside events, seminars, markets, etc.

Payment Wallet Apps

Innovative contactless payment solutions can be made with the use of beacon devices. Which is optimum for Fuel Pumps, Malls or any crowded cash counters.

Health Care Apps

Meaningful use of beacons in Health Industry for report authentication, manpower tracking, access permission management.

Business Utilities App

You find the several utilities where you can practice iBeacon BLE technology with your mobile app to improve your business processes.

Food Industry Apps

Beacon prove to be a useful utility for food business in terms of customer engagement through location-based push notification offers, reward them with check-in points.

Use cases of iBeacon devices from iBeacon app development company


Customers can build their cart in the mobile app without a physical selection of products with just a tap on the products.


Can be used to make attendance automatically for class, seminars, events, etc.


The beacon can be used in museums to broadcast various historical information about the difference placings.


Can be used as a wireless authentication tool to access protected resources or login into applications.


Analyze customer location, buying patterns, visits to a particular space, etc.


Easily track the exact location of the resource in any outlet, warehouse, business, etc.


Contact less payments via mobile app or a payment solution wallet.


Wireless solution to Monitor check-ins & check-outs data for any business.


Send discount or offers notifications to nearest customers in real time.


What are the iBeacons? How do they work?

iBeacons are small, battery-powered, always-on devices that use BLE technology to broadcast signals to devices, such as smartphones and tablets, within a range of about 300 feet or more.

iBeacons are one-way transmitters; they detect nearby devices in order to send them pre-defined actions in the form of Push Notifications, URLs, but the target devices don’t send information back to the beacons. They’re just sending out these BLE packets and saying ‘Hey, I’m here, identify my unique ID, take action if you want.”

iBeacons can also be used to track devices, and their users, when in range. For instance, marketers can use ibeacons that connect to mobile devices to determine how long customers stay in a particular store path, exhibitions, product stack. etc.

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IoT-based mobile app development by Fablian with ibeacons chips include marketing apps, reward wallet apps, check-in rewards mobile apps, Authentication tool, business automation & many more.

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