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Create Business Apps that thrive your business. We work with your business idea, existing business process optimization or further value addition to your customer convenience. Our team of Top mobile UI designers & developers help you to thrive your objectives in any area of digitalization through mobility with their creative juice of understandings, strategic blueprints & technical expertise. They make your journey of a mobile app idea easy & result oriented. You will feel extreme satisfaction while working with Fablian in any of your mobile app requirements. We have formidable experience & expertise in developing any kind of mobile application except the gaming & animated mobile apps.

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Fablian, A Group of Top Mobile app developers India, Started the practice of developing Mobile Apps for iOS & Android platform since last 8 years. During this tenure, Our team gets extensive exposure of working with different business areas & ongoing daily changes in mobile app technologies. Their skills so much sharpen these days, That they deliver masterpieces only.

BLE / iBeacon based Apps

Wireless low energy Bluetooth technology enabled mobile apps are the future for AI for businesses.

RFID / NFC based Apps

Contactless operations can be handled through RFID & NFC device enable mobile apps.

E-commerce / Retail Apps

Transaction on mobile keeps increasing day by day, An e-commerce mobile app is essential to boost your sales if you are in any kind of retail business.

Proximity Marketing Apps

Broadcasting offers or information to nearby passing customers is a new innovative way of marketing these days. Retail & Many food joints already adopt this innovative technology.

Live Tracking Apps

Live tracking through a mobile device is very convenient and useful for many use cases of business or person life.

Bar Code Apps

Barcode generally used to store info into encrypted form so that any barcode scanner can easily ready the stored information.

Coupon / Rewards Wallet

Coupons or Reward system for boosting your sales with the existing customer is essential for engaging your customer and make them regular clients of your business.

Google Map based Apps

Our mobile apps developers can develop almost any of the functional features which can be built from using google maps API.

Event Management Apps

Managing Events / Exhibition data on the mobile app, Giving navigation feature to your event visitor is very much popular these days.

Wearable Mobile Apps

Wearable can be used as a tool to record attendance for the class, seminars, events, etc. Wearable can also be used as a security device to trigger SOS alerts in case of an emergency.

Safety Mobile Apps

Safety apps are very useful for protecting your workforce or your loved ones from bad happenings.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Our mobile app experts can code any custom requirement of mobile app development. They follow a strict in-house process to understand and share your requirement.

Medical Care Management

Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors can use mobility to optimize their working style and can also provide security to patient data.

Workforce Monitor Apps

Monitor your workforce or children in schools through using a mix if beacon technology, Google Map & GPS enabled smartphone device.

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