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We have expertise in understanding the client requirement, Yes you hear right our primary expertise is in understanding the main objectives of the requirement. We spend more time analyzing, understanding & drafting a very detailed oriented Scope of Work. We first understand your target audience, your budget, your existing business style & at which level you are going to start the project. Yes, it takes time but is necessary for each successful development and avoid surprises in the future. Unlike freelancers & other companies, We never provide the price or offer without a detailed SOW of understanding. That's our specialty.
We are headquartered in Noida, India. just 15 mins drive from New Delhi. and servicing global clients primarily from Germany, Switzerland, USA, Australia, UAE & New Zealand. Having marketing offices in Germany & USA.
We have 44+ members in our design & development team inclusive of designers, programmers, testers, team managers, project managers with a separate staff for management, marketing & HR.
Generally, we communicate over emails, Skype, Whatsapp, Bridge meetings, Direct Calls, etc. Our preference is always towards email so that it reduces the chances of errors. We have a very good quick around time on responding to emails. We are open to any preferred channel by the client.
We are open to signing the NDA with you (Non-Disclosure Agreement). This will secure you with the idea & code ownership. This agreement mentions that we will not re-use your code in other projects & never launch an exact clone of the project by us.
After an initial agreement with you and confirmation on the initial deposit as per terms of the project. We start with the UI phase of the project and start providing you weekly updates via email on each Friday or subsequent day if there is a holiday on Friday i.e. on Monday. You can review the progress & if have any comments you can share them with us in the next 2 days. So that our developers get the comments on time & incorporate them in the project development. We are free to adjust based on your demand how you would like to have timely progress reports but yes there should be enough gap between the reporting time so that you can easily see and analyze the work progress due to the nature of the module development.
Our accounts department generates invoices of the due amount. We have a payment option of PayPal & Bank Wire Transfer. Each PayPal transaction requires an 8% additional charge, Whereas no additional charge when you do a Wire transfer. Due to Indian Government Regulation, we don't accept Western Union Transfer & any payments in our personal account. Our legal Bank account name is Fablian Technolab Private Limited.
We are best in providing services of Design & Development of Digital Assets in the field of Web, Cloud, Back-End Applications & Mobile Apps - iOS & Android. Yes, we are not proficient in developing Gaming applications. When you discuss your requirements with the team of Fablian, They only accept projects which they are capable of developing by in-house teams. We never further outsource our work, so that we can maintain the security & protection of contract terms.
Yes, We suggest having it that's why we prepare that for you in the start when you discuss your requirement with us so that you can easily see what we understand otherwise how can you know that your requirements are fully grasped by the development company. This is the foundation of every development project. Beware of such development company who just provide the understanding in bullets points while offering their quotations and come up with the extra cost to do this & that at the later stage.
It depends on how many man-hours a requirement will consume to develop the project. Man hours include hours of Project Manager, Team Lead, Designer, Developer & Testor. Yes, sometimes it also depends on the value of our previous expertise like working with IoT devices such as iBeacons, Eddystone beacons, NFC & RFID, etc.
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