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Eddystone Beacon Mobile App Development Company

Eddystone technology founded by Google gained so many attention in the area of providing a high level of user experience to the smartphone users. Eddystone is not much popular as ibeacon but it has value not less than ibeacons. It's a wireless Bluetooth technology which sends a URL in Push notification to the smartphone user when he comes in the range of the particular Eddystone beacon.

Popular Industries using Eddystone beacons:

1. Retail Marketing.
2. Museums, Exhibitions.
3. Indoor Navigation.
4. Health Care.
5. Information Broadcasting.

What are Eddystone Beacons or about BLE technology ?

Eddystone Beacons are small, battery-powered, always-on / few devices having on or off switch devices that uses BLE technology to broadcast signals to devices, such as smartphones and tablets, within a range of about up to 300 feets or greater than that depends on the different devices available in the market.
Eddystone beacons founded by the Google as an open source BLE technology which uses a physical web browser to work. It is very similar to the ibeacon beacons launched by the Apple. Eddystone beacons having majorly features like Transmitting the information about its location, what is nearby and linking a mobile users to the online link to act further based on the precoded functionality.
Primary different between Google's Eddystone & Apple's proprietary iBeacons is that ibeacon needs a specific app installed in the smartphone to detect the ibeacon and further act on it whereas Eddystone has no such requirement only need to have Bluetooth ON to receive the URL from the nearby Eddystone beacon.

"Brian Cooley discusses retail beacons and how retailers and customers plan to use the Bluetooth devices in stores."

Eddystone Beacon Mobile App Development Company Use Cases

Eddystone beacons, A BLE technology is a very interesting technology, you will create many use cases for your customer user experience, engagement models, etc. You tell us your requirement, idea or discuss any one of the below-mentioned approaches and we can code them for you as we have very solid experience in serving with Eddystone beacon mobile app development.

Museums & Exhibitions

Viewers can get information about the articles on their smartphone through automatic push notification.

Check ins / Check outs

Configure any action on Check-in & Check-out of the customer in any business establishment.

Wireless Information

Your customer can get your menu, product catalog offers on their smartphone.

Authentication tool

Can be used as a wireless authentication tool to access protected resources or login into applications.

Wireless Attendance

Eddystone beacons can be used to take wireless attendance in the web HRM system.

Digital Food Menu

The customer gets a Food Menu on his smartphone to place the order without having your mobile app installation.

Want to discuss on Eddystone Beacon Mobile App Development?

Just start the discussion with Eddystone mobile app development company India and based on our previous experience our Eddystone mobile app experts will guide you how well we convert it into an awesome product which will generate innovative results.

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