How will corona-virus change the way of doing business after crisis?

How will corona-virus change the way of doing business after crisis?

Corona Virus so-called pandemic disease as COVID 19. Soon or later the whole world will come out from the restrictions & lockdown for normal routine life. But that after crisis life will normal soon? No, It changes the way of living for many months or even years till a solid vaccination will be available to all. So, as a business owner, we should be ready for an adaption plan when we relaunch business operations after COVID 19 crisis.

Adaption is necessary to overcome losses and to give life to the business. Yes, Serious Adoption will become a necessity for every kind of business.

  • What types of adaption will necessary to give a track to your business operations or even your business model.
  • What is an Adaption today we discuss?
  • We need to follow the triple-A plan to bounce back in the world like we were doing before COVID 19.
  • Tripple – A plan means Adaption – Adaption – Adaption

How life will change after COVID 19 Crisis shortly? 

Above 62,000 people have suffered their lives to COVID-19 and there are more than a million confirmed cases and keep increasing worldwide. This makes a habit of social distancing among the peoples. Your customers start preferring online media like web portal & mobile apps to place orders for services or products. Avoid visiting brick and mortar locations. There will be less or no crowd gathering in the coming months. People already adapt the digitalization way of ordering their orders before the COVID crisis but we will see a surge in demands after the COVID crisis.

  • People travel less or travel when it is necessary.
  • Less social events, seminars, exhibitions, social functions.
  • Sanitization of premises or places will be a must.
  • Less outdoor entertainment like cinema halls, shows, etc.
  • Less gathering at dine-in food outlets, Instead they order food to their homes or offices.
  • Work from home culture will be more in all feasible businesses.
  • We will see a decrease in tourist traffic to tourist places.
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Why adaption or change in the style of business operations will be necessary? 

Especially businesses in retail brick & mortar business effect the most in this crisis.  Businesses that need face to face interaction to make a transaction of goods & services suffers a lot or even suffer more if they don’t adapt required changes in their business in the coming future. In the coming time, We will notice less traffic of people gathering outside till the vaccination of this disease assures us that now we are free from its transformative infection. That’s why businesses need to adopt new technologies to overcome the coming time because vaccination will take around 2 years to available to all.

  • To overcome a decrease in a social gathering after the crisis period of COVID 19.
  • To provide the super hygiene atmosphere for your customers.
  • To increase the distribution of new processes in business to your customers.
  • To shorten the reach of your business by your customers.
  • To increase your customer numbers for generating more revenues for your business.
  • To avoid a decrease in sales due to less face to face interaction with the customers.
  • To make your business future safe for such type of crises atmosphere.

Types of adaption businesses need to plan immediately after the COVID crisis period. 

Although it depends on business to business what type of adaption necessary for their business operations but here are a few points which you can take care basis on your business type.

  • Ready your mobile responsive website immediately without any second thought. It doesn’t matter in which type of business you are, get ready or revamp your website (if you don’t have now) with updated content, Especially content on special procedures you introduce in your operations for maintaining clean and safe offerings. Latest pictures gallery of your business outlet. Safety procedures for your team, etc.
  • Start digital marketing of your business, Digital marketing is not just an SEO of your website but presenting & promote information about your business everywhere online where ever you think that you have your prospective customers. Create or update the business listing on Google my business, Yelp, Industry-specific directories, etc.
  • Create or Update all social media profiles with the latest information on what’s going on in your business. Especially restaurant businesses, B2C businesses.
  • Get your Mobile App development for your business. It depends on how you take benefit of mobile app development for your business revenue generation. If you are in the retail business of Fashion, Grocery items, Electronics or any type of product selling, you should opt for eCommerce mobile app development and distribute your app to your regular customers so that they can place orders from their home at any time. Food Ordering, delivery, take away reservation for Restaurant business, Item ordering for the Grocery business, etc. It’s not for only product selling business but all business who are in providing services can also have their mobile app for appointment booking, reservations, service booking, etc.
  • The regular process of sanitization of your premises. Special sanitization process of your employees. Post pictures of these procedures on social media websites to make your customers feel safe to come to your business premises.
  • Adoption of digital automation in your business which will reduce human touches and make everyone feel safe. This will also optimize and increase your business productivity.
  • Regular TXT, email & Push notification marketing with the latest information & mouth-watering deals & discounts to your customer database. This will increase awareness about your business among your regular customers.
  • Support your employees – Explain them and support them about your new processes in your business. Which will be beneficial for your business and themself also.
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Few suggestions for selected business industries

Restaurant business who suffers a lot during this lock period can’t stay in a dilemma that we should start a food delivery service or pick up reservation service or not? Yes, some restaurants already registered with third party food aggregators but that is not much profitable after paying them 30% charges on each order. Listing on food aggregator websites is good to market your business & simultaneously have your white label restaurant mobile app & restaurant website to make your sales & brand.

Retail business who sells products, Get your e-commerce website & e-commerce mobile app so that you can engage your customers and connect with them always either corona as the situation will come again. You can update your item catalog in real-time and your regular customers who live nearby and know you can place orders of your product easily from their homes.

Service businesses should offer the facility of online reservations, appointments, service package bookings. So that in downtime your customer can reach you easily to avail of your services.