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Food Order Taking Tablet App For Restaurant

Smart Digital Menu Tablet App for your Restaurant.

Order taking restaurant app development India

Food Order Taking Tablet App Development for Restaurant Features

Smart Dine-In Restaurant Tablet App equipped with many smart features which you will not find in normal order taking tablet app. Below we are highlighting few of them as a major one. We can also add custom modules as per your specific need that's not a big deal for our Food app coders.

food ordering

Order Automation

Order from the table directly goes to the kitchen app where they process the order & update the status to the customer in the app.
food ordering

Smart Table Location Selection

App automatically detects the location of a table while your customer placing the order through BLE beacon technology.
food ordering

Collect Customer Data

Collect customer data, which can be used in various marketing campaigns such as Mobile Text promotion, Email promotion, etc.
food ordering

Place order from Table

The convenience of Placing orders directly from the table without calling or waiting for the service staff to take the order.
food ordering

Payment via Card

The customer can pay for the order directly on the tablet app or pay at the restaurant POS.
food ordering

App manageable through back-end CMS

All content of App fully manageable through powerful back-end system.
food ordering

Latest Offers

A customer can browse through latest offers running in the restaurant at the time of food ordering.
food ordering

Feedback System

Option to collect & record feedback from the customers after they complete their Food order.
food ordering

100% White Label Solution

We will brand this app with your business branding, logo, colors, menu, images, banners, etc.

How Food Order taking tablet App beneficial for your business?

With 79% of business brands believing they provide high-grade customer service but only 9% of customers admitting to this fact, it is easy to see there is a variation between perception and existence in this domain. Delighting your customer experience at your Dine-in restaurant is the first thing which helps in the loyalty of your customer to make them regular to your business.
Offering unique experience of Food order taking tablet app development from the table without waiting for the waiter to come and reduce the chances of error in listening. Your customer feels amazed and delights in order, pay via tablet & provide feedback on his experience which further improve your internal process to grow your customer base at your Dine-in restaurant.

Reach us & Get a offer for your Restaurant Setup.

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