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Track school-going children, your loved ones, your staff, or your inventories in the business. Whatever you want to track, Now by using ibeacons's low-energy Bluetooth device you can track the location and whereabouts very conveniently. Track real-time location on maps, even secure your assets through creating safe zones for your products, There are many use cases where we can develop innovative tracking solutions using ibeacons.

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How iBeacon tracking solutions works in real life?

ibeacons always-on devices constantly broadcast Bluetooth signals and via these signals, we can get the location of these devices & the distance information through the signal strength. Although these beacons have a limitation to broadcast information till 100 meters. But we can improve these signals with the help of connected routers & available nearby smartphone devices. Using this information we can track the whereabouts of anything and know how far it is from the present location or out of reach info if the asset is beyond the reach.

The use cases where we can use iBeacons for tracking purpose.

Here we discuss few ideas where we can use ibeacon BLE devices to track the whereabouts of desired things or human beings. These iBeacon Based Tracking App Development are already in use in many business industries.


Different kind of wearables equipped with beacon chips can trigger alerts & alarms in the situation of danger to the person. These alerts can be sent with the location information of the person and even show the real-time movement of the person who is in the danger.


Employee tracker mobile app can track employee located in the business premises or their presence at the customer places with location, pics & time stamp.

IBeacon Based Tracking App Development Company


Various beacon chips can be installed on the business premises, warehouse or with expensive assets. A tracking mobile app tracks their real-time location on mobile or desk systems.


Through ibeacon devices, you can track visitor check-ins & check-out with-in the defined range. This will help you to get the analytics of total visitors & their spent time at the particular place.


Manage your fleets within the parking area, get real-time tracking on the map interface when they are on the roads. You can optimise your vehicle parking space through vehicle tracking ibeacon mobile solution.


Track movements of your customers in the shopping store, malls, markets to gather the analytics about their taste, age groups, the product like or dislike, purchase behavior which further helps you to increase conversion or sales.


Various fitness tracking wearables helps in tracking various health stats like the heartbeat, blood pressure, walking distance, running distance, etc and sync this info with health mobile app through beacon equipped wearables.


Track elders or patients who are in critical situation, So that they will not go out of the safe zone and catch with some mishap. A tracking app senses the location of the person and if he is in out of safe zone immediately inform to the assigned healthcare person.

iBeacon Based Tracking App Development Company.
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