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iBeacon the revolutionary low energy Bluetooth devices can enhance your customer's way of engagement in a very innovative way. In today's world of competition, every Food business tries to become unique & distinct from their competitors. iBeacons for Food business make this difference in the term of engaging their customers with great features as described below in the page.

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How iBeacon device works for Food Business?

iBeacon is a small few cms in length and width device which operates on a button type cell. It broadcast signals continuously with a unique identifier and its location on the premises. This signal captures by the app installed in the smartphone and do the action which is defined in the app by the ibeacon based food app developers. These devices have very long life and can run around 1 -2 years on a single battery change. Below we are sharing few use - cases how they benefit for the Food industry.

How iBeacon device works for Food Business?

Here we are going to show some ideas to know how can ibeacon devices give value addition to your food business in making them more customer friendly, efficient & increase the potential to earn more revenues by engaging more customers to your Food business.


Place beacon devices around your outer boundaries of your Food outlet and assigned offer of the day or details about special events to those beacons from web panel. As soon as your customer who has your app or not passes by your restaurant they will get Push offers on their smartphones. This will raise the walk-ins at your restaurant or takeaways.


As soon as your regular customer enters your restaurant he will get a push notification and navigate through the specials of the day or your favorite menu on their smartphone. Even you can show them what they previously ordered & you can trace what was their feedback on the last visit to improve the mistakes at this visit.


Just like a waiter. You can place multiple tablets at each table of your restaurant where your customer can see the food menu and make the orders of their favorite dishes. The app will sense the table location automatically from the beacon attached to each table and Order sent directly to your kitchen with the table ID & location. On checkout, the customer can pay through the app & give ratings & feedback on the app.


If you have a large property like resorts at beaches or multiple themes based dine-in places on your premises. Your customer can order via App and you can track the location of your customer at your indoor premises to serve their order and get payment via app.


You can develop an in-house reward system for your regular customers. In which they can check-in through your mobile app by discovering the beacon signal installed on your premises and earn points on their every visit. They can reimburse their collection of points as per defined goals by you. This further increase walk-in & regular visit of your customers to your food place.


When your mobile app installed with your customers who visited your place. You can send them Push notification offers periodically to further market your specials & discount on their smartphone devices. This will retain your customer with your business and make them loyal to become your customer.


Your customer can select food items & place orders from your mobile app with the date and time to make table reservation and as soon as your customer comes into the parking or near to your restaurant you can start preparing their order in the kitchen without a need of intimation from your customer who pre-booked table and gave food order already. This will delight your customer and make them feel great.


You can gather various types of analytics about your customer by providing them these features within your mobile app. Such as age groups, types of orders, ratings on your different dishes, which dish ordered most, type of orders at various time parameters, etc. Based on it when your customer visits you next time you can offer them personalized offers accordingly.

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Ideas to use iBeacons in Restaurants | Food Take Away | Food Outlets