Business Listing & Classified Mobile App

Mobile App to find Nearby Business via GPS location

Track GPS location & Show nearby businesses.

Nearby Business Listing Mobile App

About The Company

KosherRoute is a marketing app, Which lists business listings with their information & picture galleries. The app users can easily find out nearby businesses and navigate through the google map linked to the business listings in the app.

Delivered Elements

  • 1. Designed mobile app screens for both the platforms iOS & Android.
  • 2. App Tracks the app uses location and shows nearby businesses accordingly.
  • 3. Business as advertisers can list their information on the app.
  • 4. Reviews & Ratings for the business services.
  • 5. Rating & Reviews on service provider listings.
  • 6. The subscription model for businesses/advertisers.
  • 7. App user can click pics from mobile and upload them with their feedbacks.
  • 8. The solution built on the iOS operating platform.
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