Oil Claim Calculator, U.S.A.

Complex Web-Based Application to Organise the Shipping Industry Insurance Claims

Automated web-based system to manage the shipping industry oil insurance claims management

Oil Claim Calculator, U.S.A.

About The Company

Founded in early 2012 from a team of three executives that all boast a wealth of claims, insurance and software development experience, and a track record of meteoric success, IT Strategies Group (ITSG) makes things happen; solving problems and not simply selling products. With a careful eye on the latest technologies to market, and ear to its customers’ needs, ITSG is nimble enough to respond to opportunities as they arise and boasts a corporate structure that enables ideas to quickly become realities, realigning solutions in an incredibly short time frame. At IT Strategies Group, we are battle-hardened experts at developing custom-built software and applications quickly and more competitively than other firms.

Delivered Solution

  • 1. Complex UI Interface design of the online claim application.
  • 2. The complete analysis of business requirement.
  • 3. Custom development of features based on Windows platform in ASP.net & MSSQL.
  • 4. Complex features development to manage oil claims.
  • 5. Separate logins for customer & admin.
  • 6. Subscription-based different versions.
  • 7. Rules have been configured by the admin user of the application.
  • 8. Implement Ajax to fetch data from the server without refreshing the screen.

Technology Used

  • 1. HTML & CSS3.
  • 2. ASP.NET.
  • 3. MSSQL Database.
  • 4. Ajax & jQuery.
  • 5. MVC Code Structure.
Insurance Claims Management Web-Based Application developer