Expenses Management Mobile App

Financial Mobile App – Expenses management mobile application development India built on iPhone & Android platform. App user can manage their day to day expenses & incomes on this innovative mobile app.


About The Company

DayDo – A financial app built to store daily transactions of income & expenses with other features of accounting.

The DayDo app is perfect if you’re someone who’s charging for their time and wants a simple way to keep track of how much you’ve earned or spent – you’re gonna love it!

Delivered Elements

  • 1. Custom design of mobile apps in different screen size for iOS & Android.
  • 2. Understand complete app requirement.
  • 3. Able to design complex design of table and financial module designs.
  • 4. Integrate OS builtin calendar feature.
  • 5.  Various financial modules related to expenses & income.
  • 6. Show detailed reports.
  • 7. Powerful backend control panel with web services in JSON.
  • 8. Application to manage expenses cum reminders for payment or receipt using calendar.
  • 9. A solution built on Android & iOS operating smartphones platform.
Expenses management mobile app development company India - USA - Expenses management mobile application development India