Marine Rescue, U.S.A

Magento E-commerce Website development for Marine Products

Mobile Responsive Magento Ecommerce Website design & Development for US Client

Marine Rescue, U.S.A

About The Company

For more than 45 years, Marine Rescue Products/Surf Saving International has been servicing the World´s Great Beach Patrols.

Delivered Solution

  • 1. Develop ecommerce startegy for their brand Marine Rescue.
  • 2. Fully mobile responsive website integrated with Magento ecommerce community edition.
  • 3. Implement security patches & various customisation to make it hack proof.
  • 4. Make it search engine friendly so that it generates traffic from search engines.
  • 5. Improve the overall brand of the company among its target audience.
  • 6. Manage all payment gateway related support.
  • 7. Full back-end support for order & logistic processing.
  • 8. SMS gateway integrated to send transaction txt on customer mobile.
  • 9. Easy to manage the product catalog with configurable products.
  • 10. Setup configurable products.
  • 11. Migrate 5000+ SKU from older website to new one.

Technology Used

  • 1. Magento E-commerce Platform.
  • 2. Custom designing in HTML 5.
  • 3. Configurable Product Extension development.
  • 4. Optimized for Speed
  • 5. Twilio SMS API
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