Test Papers on different subject subscription App

Mock-Test Academic Mobile App

This is an educational app which is helpful in preparation for exams by offering subject wise mock-tests & gives a real-time score in PDF format. A Customer purchase the test curriculum for a three-month duration.

Mock-Test Academic Mobile App
Mock-Test Academic Mobile App
Mock-Test Academic Mobile App
Mock-Test Academic Mobile App

App Overview

App built for iOS & Android App stores. The primary feature of this app to provide subject wise mock-test papers to judge the skills of the candidates. Candidate registers with this app and purchases single or multiple tests which have validity for 3 months through PayPal Payment gateway. All tests are time bound and monitor through the time counter.

Delivered Solution

  • 1. User Interface Design for iPhone & Android Mobile App.
  • 2. Analyze business requirements & prepare detailed wireframes for project execution.
  • 3. A solution developed for IOS & Android platform.
  • 4. Work with Payment Gateway Integration.
  • 5. Time-based test integration. To limit test attempt for defined minutes.
  • 6. App works online as well as offline without internet.
  • 7. All data configurable through Rest API’s.
  • 8. All App data manageable through advance web back-end panel.
  • 9. There is a feature to generate PDF for the answers of Mock-Test and email it to any email id.

Technology Used

  • 1. Swift on Xcode, iOS for iPhone app.
  • 2. Java on Android Studio for Android app.
  • 3. Rest API Web services.
  • 4. PayPal Payment gateway integration
  • 5. Subscription-based test access.
  • 6. Counter API to measure the answers in the pre-assigned timeline.
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