IoT Based Smart SOS Mobile App

iBeacon based Self Security Dizsecure Mobile App

DizSecure mobile app built to protect your family & friends from unexpected dangers. This app works with or without ibeacon wearable watch or wristband, Which is used to trigger alerts to your preferred contacts in the form of SMS, Email, Push Notification, Pop-ups in mobile. The specialty of this app is that App sends your real-time location to your contacts in every 15 second in the period of emergency & logs are saved on the cloud server in case the mobile device gets switched off or snatched in the due course.


App Overview

Another product from Fablian in-house innovative team, DizSecure is a self-security app which is meant to protect your dear ones from unforeseen dangers. In case of any dangerous situation when you are alone, you can trigger SOS (distress signal) from this app or a wearable wristband equipped with ibeacon chip. Your stored contacts will get alerts via SMS, Email, Push Notification, Pop Up on mobile with your location & then they can track your movement in real-time till you don’t press I am safe message from the app. This app sends same alerts to nearby app users who is in 1 km range if any.

Special Features

  • 1. Built for Android Smartphones.
  • 2. Add prefered contacts upto 5 nos.
  • 3. Attached with ibeacon equipped wrist bands.
  • 4. Track real-time movement of your contact who is in distress.
  • 5. Get SOS triggers on SMS, Email, Push Notification & Pop-ups in every 15 seconds with an audio clip.
  • 6. Record audio of surrounding of your distress contact.
  • 7. Import contacts from your phone book.
  • 8. Secure login with pass-code & register with mobile number & pass code.
  • 9. Activate or Deactivate iBeacon devices.

Technology Used

  • 1. Android studio for Android App.
  • 2. Firebase Push Notifications.
  • 3. iBeacon BLE Technology.
  • 4. PHP & MySQL database.
  • 5. JSON web services.
  • 6. Secure login API mobile number & OTP.
  • 7. Native App Development.
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