Organization members directory mobile app using QR code scanner, etc.

Organization Member's Directory Mobile App

Member’s Directory Mobile App For Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel Switzerland. built on iOS & Android platform using Oauth2 authentication protocol.


App Overview

This App has been built for iOS & Android platform. All API access has been protected with Oauth2 authentication. App serves the purpose of displaying an internal directory of organizational members. You can access this app offline as well with internet. All data has been stored internally in device for offline access. Members can access web url’s through QR code scanner inbuilt in this app.

Delivered Solution

  • 1. User Interface Design for iPhone, iPad & Android Mobile & Tablet device for different screen size.
  • 2. Analyse business requirements & prepare detailed wireframes for project execution.
  • 3. The solution developed for IOS & Android platform.
  • 4. Work with Oauth2 authentication protocol.
  • 5. Integrate QR code scanner to redirect a user to custom web URLs.
  • 6. Google map implemented for giving direction to the FMI location.
  • The App works online as well as offline without internet.
  • 8. All data configurable through Rest API’s.

Technology Used

  • 1. Swift on Xcode, iOS for iPhone app.
  • 2. Java on Android Studio for Android app.
  • 3. Rest API Web services.
  • 4. Google Map API.
  • 5. QR Code scanner libraries.
  • 6. Oauth2 Authentication Protocol.
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