IoT Based Smart Contact Less Payment Mobile App

Money / Payment Wallet Up Development, Switzerland

Money / Payment wallet app built for different businesses, Where the customer can load the app wallet with money and pay at various merchants without giving any card to the merchant. Pure contactless payment system using iBeacons installed at each Merchant Outlets. Customer earn reward points on each transaction done through lynk payment wallet.


App Overview

This is a contact less payment wallet system which is a best alternative of QR codes. QR codes has limitation of distance to scan them. Where as this app uses ibeacon chips installed at cash counter where cashier raise bill and due invoice comes on the app whether person is standing or sitting to a distance from the cash counter. App user can pay the invoice from his wallet balance & earn reward points.

Delivered Solution

  • 1. Built on iOS & Android platform using ibeacon Bluetooth technology.
  • 2. Understand complete app requirement.
  • 3. Solid web services on AWS to handle web services in a sec time from one user request to another.
  • 4. A user makes contactless payments at the business establishments.
  • 5. Secure login through OTP & Mobile number.
  • 6. Shows all accumulated reward points at one place.
  • 7. Powerful backend control panel with web services in JSON.
  • 8. App has facility to make wireless check-in at business through iBeacon BLE technology.
  • 8. App user accumulate reward points on each transaction done through app.
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