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proximity marketing apps development India

Proximity marketing apps development company India

Proximity marketing is all about exchanging your business information to target patrons at the right time, right place and in a more engaging personalized way. This is one of the Internet of thing (IoT) which has tremendous potential to engage with your customers in a very innovative way to present your brand. Proximity marketing means to market your business to nearby or passerby audience with your products or services info.

What specifically is Proximity marketing apps?

In simple terms, the mobile apps assist in marketing your business information to your nearby audience/customers with specific adverts or push notifications with the intention of engaging your customer to attract them to make the purchase in the store is called as Proximity marketing apps.

Real-life applications of Proximity Marketing in business.

Below are the few real-life scenarios or ideas where we can use proximity marketing mobile apps to scale the audience of any business and result in more purchase & sales. These proximity marketing mobile apps work with wireless BLE devices equipped with ibeacon or Eddystone chips .

Offer Distribution

Beacon device installed at the entrance of outlet can broadcast special offers to nearby passing customers in the form of Push notifications.

Welcome Adverts

The app can track and know the system the returning customer. It welcomes them with a personalized message or a special offer as a gesture to the regular customer.
Proximity marketing mobile app developers India

Product Coupons

Your customer can get product information along with the discount coupons one by one as they pass through the particular product line.

Customer Behaviour

Beacon chips attached to various indoor locations of your store to analyze customer location, buying patterns, visits to particular space, attraction to the particular colors etc.

Indoor Map Navigation

Customer can see your indoor store map on his mobile and can eaisly navigate to different sections of your store as per his need.

Customer Re-Targeting

A proximity marketing mobile app can send special offer if any of your customer visiting a particular product more than the standard visits.

Check-in Rewards

You can offer the reward system to your customer mobile app where your customer earn rewards on his each visit to your outlet.

Cart-Building & Payments

Customer can add the product to the cart in mobile app and make wireless payment via cards or online payments.

Do you want to know more about Proximity Marketing Apps?

Just share your some info on your business, Our technology experts will analyze & suggest you best ways of proximity marketing mobile apps for your business.

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