Why Language Localization is Important for your Mobile Apps and Website

Why Language Localization is Important for your Mobile Apps and Website

In general terms, language localization can be defined as the process of adapting a product or services according to the native language and culture of a particular region. When we talk in terms of the software field, it is the procedure of customizing your application to work in different languages in addition to the language set a default. There are a lot of Mobile App Development Companies, Mobile Apps and Developers in the market. People have mobile devices such as Android Phones, Smartphones, etc. It is also hard to find a single individual who is not having an app installed on his or her mobile device as almost every person nowadays uses at least one or more than one apps. The market is filled with a number of mobile apps and most of the apps are made to be used globally so mobile app localization is must for the users who know their native language only and want to use the mobile apps because mobile apps are used in our daily routine activities like checking emails, booking cabs, making payments, ordering food and many more such things. Mobile App Development needs a substantial investment but when it becomes famous it yields good profits also. For gaining popularity, an app must have a global reach. Using platforms like Google Play Store, Apple App Store one can reach a wider audience but what you can’t overlook is the use of different languages in different regions. Therefore, language localization is very essential to take into consideration. Some points that show the importance of Mobile App Localization are as follows: 

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  1. Mobile App Localization Helps to Expand Sales: The main objective of any entrepreneur or mobile app developer is to increase the visibility and exposure of its mobile app. This is so because increasing exposure and visibility results in an increase in the number of monthly active users, which further leads to an increase in your sales. But again this is only possible when your mobile app is localized so that diverse people from diverse regions and liking can use your app.

  2. Mobile App Localization Improves Customer Experience: As mobile app localization helps you reach audience worldwide, you will get reviews and feedback about your mobile app on a continuous basis and that too from people with different regions. Depending on such data you can make changes in your app as per the demand of the users, which will help you to improve your app quality as well as provide your users a much better experience while using your app.

  3. Mobile App Localization Helps to Reach Globally: If your mobile app is localized, it reaches a larger audience as those who cannot understand English, which is mostly the default language of mobile apps, can also download and use your mobile app. As per the statistics, around 75% of customers confirmed that if they confront the option of purchasing two same products then they will probably choose the one that contains information about the product in their native language. Therefore, you cannot afford to ignore localization.

  4. Mobile App Localization Increases the Possibility of Business Success: There are a variety of mobile apps in the market and people install them on their mobile devices but it is a fact that they also uninstall the apps regularly which are of no use for them. Mobile app localization is very necessary because if it is not done then maybe your app will not be as successful as it should be.

  5. Mobile App Localization Provides Competitive Edge: As mobile app localization helps you reach worldwide and expand your customer base therefore, your app downloads will increase which will provide you a competitive edge in the market. 


The website is the face and voice of the company. When anyone visits a website the way the website is presented forms the first impression of the company. Every company nowadays has a website of its own that is accessible to people worldwide. There are different people from different regions, understanding different languages. Therefore, website localization is needed. The main objectives of website localization are to make your audience understand what you want to say and to make sure that the correct message is being shown from your side.

The importance of website localization can be understood by the following points: 

  1. Expands your Global Reach Greatly: Localizing your website will help you tap into target markets and make your products more visibility in the global markets.

  2. Enhances Customer Engagement: Once the people start trusting you and they are having good experience on your website, the probability of their further interactions is more which is good for your business in the future in any way. They will not only stick to you but they will also bring others to visit your website by mouth publicity or recommending them.

  3. Builds Credibility: Website localization helps you build credibility as your website will be a multilingual website so the people from different regions knowing different languages will also be able to see your website content and speak-up in their native language. This will reflect a good image of yours among such people that you are valuing their culture.

  4. Establish Identity of your Brand: This is another important benefit of website localization. Your ability to communicate with your target market audience in their native language by way of messaging on your website urges them to connect to your brand and our business as a remedy to their problems.

  5. Benefits related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The competition in the market is fierce especially when it comes to online market competition. The companies who are determined to drive traffic towards their website must go for website localization. There is more competition in English SEO keywords but in other languages apart from English, the competition is quite low. This is so because mostly the content on websites is written in English and very less content created in other languages. So, if your website is multilingual, then you can drive more traffic using keywords in different languages depending on your target audience. 

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