Beacon mobile app development company India

Hello, everybody, I hope you are doing well and thank you for digging all my posts. Today we are going to yield some info about new wireless technology that is called “Beacon” it works similar to other near field communication devices but has more benefits. What is beacon or iBeacon tech...
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Top Ideas for your beacon based mobile app development 2019

Watch the video to grasp exactly what is a beacon technology / Bluetooth low energy device & how it works? Beacon technology founded by Apple which is called ibeacon i.e. Bluetooth low energy protocol which communicates location information wirelessly with very less consumption of the battery. T...
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Digital solutions for Health care agencies, practitioners, institutes.

As we are working with health industry from past few years. Today I thought to share different digital solutions which may be essential to make your health guidance process simpler and more meaningful to your patients. Digital Digital Digital, you hear this word everywhere nowadays. What are the dif...
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