Why App Development Must for your Business Growth in this corona crises? – 2020

Why App Development Must for your Business Growth in this corona crises? - 2020

The whole world has been captured and struggling with the crises of pandemic disease of corona COVID-19. Based on the latest news, If we need to 100% clean from this disease we have to follow this social distancing till 2022. If this is true then every business will suffer a lot if they will not prepare for this type of work. it’s the right time for the adaptability of digital assets for each business. Now more n more digital solutions will be used for placing orders, fulfilling deliveries of orders, etc. So you should mold your business model towards digitalization as soon as possible you can. Digitalization means you should set up your ordering website, mobile apps, etc.

A mobile phone is not just only a tool for communication nowadays but it has become an extremely effective business tool over the past few years. Day-by-day people are becoming more habituated of mobile and other digital devices and their use. The use of mobile devices is getting more and more important and useful in our daily routine and its significance cannot be overlooked especially in this phase of crises. Mobile apps provide the facility to obtain any information related to business at their fingertips. Technological advancements and a good internet connection are the keys to e growth of mobile apps. Therefore, many businesses are making efforts to mark their presence on mobile platforms. This has been possible because of iPhone Mobile App Development & Android mobile app development. Mobile apps are the main source of digital communication. Almost everyone is dependent on their mobile phones and mobile apps for meeting their day-to-day activities and for businesses also.

Why you should adopt mobile apps for your business to make your business optimized for the corona crisis period? 

  • You can reach your customers by home deliveries of products and services along with maintaining the rules of social distancing of the government.
  • Your customer now follows the new adoption of social distance for a while now after everything will be open from lockdown. So they will procure their requirement via online mode either through the web or mobile apps.
  • Mobile apps help you to optimize your order procurement process and increase your profitability.
  • Mobile apps make your brand in the hand of your customers all the time in their smartphones which they daily use frequently.
  • Home or office delivery services will jump up the incoming phase of maintaining social distancing.
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A Mobile App Development offers a range of benefits to the business: 

  1. Increases Sales: Mobile apps can increase your company profits. You can motivate your customers to make a purchase by offering them discounts, promotions, and bonus push notifications. Also, you can reach those users directly who have installed your application.
  2. Build Customer Base: As the use of the mobile app is increasing day-by-day, several industries are reaping the advantages of Mobile App Development to build their customer base and make it wider. With the help of mobile apps, it is easy to interact with users. Mainly, small business gets benefitted from the mobile app because as they have just started their business so they need to gather customers and mobile app is a good method to collect basic information about the customers. Therefore, it can be said that mobile apps are a good way of audience building.
  3. Helps to Establish Relationships with your Customers: With the use of a mobile app, you can institute relationships with your customers worldwide. Customers do not require to look for the website address or search Google or any other search engine because they have your app already installed on their mobile phones. As soon as they installed the app they get details about you. So, what businesses need to do is to focus on the methods that increase the number of installations.
  4. Growth in Customer Loyalty: Mobile App Development helps in increasing the number of loyal customers as using apps customers can reserve a table, place an order, make payment of their choice using multiple payment options available on the app, return or exchange their orders, and can use many more features available on app depending what type of business you are in and what kind of app you are using for your business. You can include loyalty programs in your mobile application and share offers, discounts and promotions with them time-to-time.
  5. Simple, Easy and Secure Payment: There is no time for people to go and arrange cash by using ATM or visiting a bank. Availability of credit and debit cards, net banking, Google Pay and many more options have made the process of paying simple, faster and authentic. Several industries such as travel, e-commerce need online payment for selling their products and services. Authenticity is the main factor why your business needs a mobile app today. Mobile apps are developed where the payments made online are secured with multiple options of payment. This helps to build trust among the customers that their money is going in the right place without compromising their account security. Thus, the secure payment choice is the main gainful benefits of mobile apps for every business. 
  6. Gives Significant Analytics for Business Strategies: Mobile apps provide important information like the number of people who have visited the app, how much time they have spent on a specific part of the app, the type of products they have seen, what products they have searched, etc. Analytics is very important for devising marketing and advertising strategies. Knowing all the information mentioned above you can track the people are interacting with your app and based on the analytics you can work to offer them a more improved and good user experience. This will help in your growth of the business as well as knowing your customers is essential for business growth.
  7. Sending of Influential Messages: With the help of the mobile app, you can send influential messages to the customers visiting your app for converting them into potential customers. A good offer notified by way of a push notification message is helpful for business promotion and growth. This also saves business cost and when a customer finds such an app which is easy to connect with they feel happy and satisfied.
  8. Helps to Create Brand Awareness: Mobile apps are meant to show all information related to your brand in one place. They are also used to grab the attention of customers to your brand. You can show the products and services you are selling, any new product launched and they can also be promoted by way of the mobile app. Also, you can get feedback from the app users which is quite helpful in improving your app to provide better customer experience which in turn facilitates good business growth.
  9. Provides Competitive Advantage: Having a mobile app for your business offers you a competitive edge in the market and keeps you ahead of your competitors existing in the market. All companies do not have the benefits of mobile apps as they don’t consider them important from the business perspective and you can take advantage of such opportunity for increasing your sales and growth of the business as in this competitive era if you want to succeed you should be the updated with the latest trends and technologies prevailing in the market.
  10. Acquire Customers’ Appreciation: Mobile apps provide the facility to hear from your customers. You get to know what your clients think about your products and services. It is important that your customers should appreciate and value your products and services to get good results in business. When customers give a good review and feedback on a mobile app or other social media channels, your brand it’s automatically getting advertised and promoted to a large audience, which is good for your business growth. 

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