15 Must have features for Restaurant app in 2019

Still, you are thinking out to adopt mobile app development strategy for your existing restaurant business? Still, you are in a dilemma whether it will be a fruitful return on your investment or not if you go for the mobility way for your business. So, this is a post for you to know about some [&hel...
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How much does it cost to build an Ecommerce website from offshore 2019

The day before yesterday I had posted a post on How much does it cost to build a mobile app from offshore. Hope you liked that post and have some glimpse on the cost of mobile app development. Today I would like to share some info on facts matters for estimating the cost of an […]...
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Does your business need Mobile App Development in 2019?

“Does we need a mobile app for my business” – During meetings & client interaction we heard this question many times in today’s world of the millennial age. Companies ask whether we should have a mobile app development in brand building strategy or business promotion. Tho...
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How much does it cost to develop a Grocery delivery mobile app from India?

This post is crafted for the Grocery business owners or if you are planning to open a grocery business. As you already know that mobility keeps on increasing day by day that’s why A mobile app is a proven platform for your Grocery business growth. If you are still based on traditional mode of ...
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Top Ideas for your beacon based mobile app development 2019

Watch the video to grasp exactly what is a beacon technology / Bluetooth low energy device & how it works? Beacon technology founded by Apple which is called ibeacon i.e. Bluetooth low energy protocol which communicates location information wirelessly with very less consumption of the battery. T...
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What is Multi Vendor Market Place Website or Mobile app?

As of now, you are already aware of the basic understanding of website application & mobile application and how they are giving fruit full results in making your business brand and increase your sales. Basically The Web or Mobile application which is build as a platform where multi vendors / mer...
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Native mobile vs Hybrid mobile apps

Top reasons to have native apps over web apps

Mobile applications are into our lives like a necessity, nobody can ever think to live without them in today’s fast pace digital worlds. Either they want to shop online, read latest happenings in their nearby or world, checks their emails, meet with their friends on social platforms, get ...
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How much a Market Place B2B2C mobile app cost ?

B2B2C means Business to Business to End Customer. What is a MarketPlace Mobile App?  Any App which has a feature to create accounts for different types of users, Where one user register to put their business profile, Service / Products details so that end user can access them and purchase them. Suc...
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Every Business Needs a Mobile App Development?

While running your business & hearing new things about mobility on daily basis, you start thinking is my business requires a Mobile App? Really? I have my own online presence through the website, social media profiles, etc. Why should I care about mobility? My business doesn’t require a m...
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How to start with custom mobile app development for your business or next million dollar idea

Today is a generation of mobility, everywhere, and everybody taking juice from the mobility for their business or unique idea. These days smart platforms like iPhone and Android provides such a convenience of usability that people spends like to spend more time on their smartphones instead of desk l...
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