How online chat system generate more leads from your website

How online chat system generate more leads from your website

Online Live Chat System on your business website is an untapped potential of converting more leads from your online website visitors. When you see and analyze your traffic numbers in analytics software like Google Analytics, etc, Lots of web traffic is coming to your web page and bounced back without converting into a potential lead for your business.

Online Live Chat System is a bridge to fill this gap of providing real-time engagement to your website traffic about your services & products offerings of your business.

Hard Core Benefits of owning an online chat system on your website, which is a necessity nowadays as following: 
  • Live Chat System improves your ranking in search engines: You are thinking about how it works, but it is. As you know page bounce percentage is one of the major ranking factors for search engines to analyze the quality of your web page. Higher the bouncing rate result in the low ranking stage. By having an Online Live Chat System on your website for your web visitors is a tool to engage them longer on your website. Your visitor can communicate with you directly with their questions & querries without wasting time in searching the answers from a ton of content on your website.
  • Enhance your customer service: It is a similar system that resembles a live person available of all your customer question and answers at all available time. In a routine process, your potential customer first tries to find out the information he is looking for on your website, then find the contact page to send a query with their requirements. But online live chat system makes this process shorter and customer friendly for your web visitors. They directly chat with you with their queries and get instant answers. In some cases, it’s a 24×7 system. you can be available live in working hours & schedule to auto chat bot mode in non-working hours.
    As per reports, You only gets 2% of leads from all your web traffic, Whereas Online Live chat system has the potential to make it 10 – 15% from your website traffic.
  • Live Chat System generate more leads from your website traffic: Along with customer service experience, Online Chat System helps you to generate more lead conversion from your website traffic which is going waste presently.
  • Automate Frequently Asked Questions by your customers: Nowadays, Online Live Chat systems are so advanced that they come up with many innovative features like triggers based on your website user activity on the web page, Auto answers by chatbot from predefined questions in the system. Frequently asked questions are those common queries of your customer which they regularly ask from you, you can provide a Chat system which answers these questions automatically without any human interference.
  • Having Live Chat System with Online Support Staff creates your Brand & Trust of your customers: Live Chat system has the capability to create your brand and trust among your new website visitors which can be a potential customer for your business. In the present time of the digital world, Your customer like to talk with the real peoples instead of automatic replies on emails. Everyone looking for answers so quickly and doesn’t wont to wait to send emails and waiting for the replies. By showing your availability of 24×7, you create trust among your customers.
  • Live Chat System helps you to analyze the online web traffic behavior on your website: It provides various metrics about your online website visitors like their movements from page to page on your website, Stay time on each page, Information about exit pages, you can get these details in real-time when they also chatting with you. This helps in getting the right answers at the right time for uniform decisions.
    This online data also helps you to understand the flaws in your existing website and further scope to improve it further so that you get more lead conversions from your online traffic.
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How online chat system generate more leads from your website

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Stats & Analytics you can get from Online Chat System on your Website :
  • Total Website Traffic / Page Views to your website – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually
  • Bounce Rates
  • Page to Page Movements of the web visitor
  • Exit Pages
  • User’s Browser, Device, Operating system information
  • User Location – City, State & Country
  • User IP Address
  • Information about Missed Chats
  • Information of New or Returning Web Visitor
  • History of Chat Communication
  • Referring Links, Time spends on the website, Number of Visits, etc.
Does online Live Chat System work for every type of business?

Good question and from the above information it looks like it works for every business but this is not true for every type of business. For example, Live chat systems work well for consulting type of business, the business which provides services & their customer always have lots of questions before fully agree to work with the service providers.

Whereas for eCommerce / product selling business, Live chat system some times backfires and distract a user from actual purchasing pattern. Now Customer uses to see product specification & make the purchase decision based on it but if they see live chat button at the same time, it creates more questions in the mind of the customer who actually was going to purchase that product. So Live Chat system is a big no for some eCommerce business.