Top 10 Ideas to use Beacon as an authentic tool in business or daily use

Beacon or iBeacon technology is very popular wireless communication tool used in various business utilization. Mostly it has been famous in use of proximity marketing. Today I want to show some ideas or use cases where we can use beacon wearable as an authentic tool as follows :

Top 10 Ideas to use Beacon as an authentic tool in business or daily use

1. Beacon mobile app use as an automatic check-in or check-out of the customers. Based on these counts of check-in retail store can offer various promotions to the customers.

2. Wireless payment solution for the retail industry. The mobile app act as a payment wallet and a beacon device used to broadcast store information to the customer app and customer can easily confirm the transaction by entering his secret passcode.

3. We can use beacon wearable as an authentic tool for login into software or hardware applications.

4. Authentication through assigned beacon is required to access protected resources in the business.

5. In hostels/hotels, the customer can authenticate the daily bills through a small button on beacon equipped wearable device.

6. In clubs & bars, beacon equipped wearable act as an entry pass and can track customer indoor movement for gathering further analytical behavior.

8. In water parks, a beacon equipped wristband can be used for lockers, placing food orders in food outlets, accessing rides, etc.

9. In car parking, parking card can be used to authenticate data of particular car and its exact location through beacon mobile app. Even this can trace the number of hours it stays in the particular parking.

10. A beacon device can act as an authenticator tool in any business in place of manual approvals, or operations where approval of immediate senior is required.

11. Beacon wearable device or ID cards can be used in Schools & colleges to take attendence of the students, their indoor location in the campuss.

And many other possibilities…

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