How beacon device work for Restaurant, Food Takeaway, Drive Thru or any Food Service Business

How beacon device work for Restaurant, Food Takeaway, Drive Thru or any Food Service Business

Although beacons are very much popular in Retail Industry after a trail gone success by Starbuck it is also a good technology which is slowly in adoption by numerous Food Service providers.

Beacon device can be used in many different ways in Food Business & they provide an enormous return on investment through more orders, generate revenue & majorly your customer retentions for your business. Repeat customers is a key to success for every business where actually this technology works. Beacon technology further classifies into two types of protocol one is founded by Apple which is called iBeacon & Seconde one founded by Google called as Eddystone. Both work on same protocol but differently.

Here are the few ways of beacon features which you can implement in your Food business to greet your customer in a innovate way as follows:

1. Beacon device installed at your Restaurant Entrance or your parking bay broadcast instant offers of the day to all passerby customers.

2. Automatic Food Menu – A customer just comes into your Restaurant & get a Food Menu link on his smartphone automatically so that he can place an order and see the details of your Food Menu without asking for the manual paper bill.

3. Auto Recognition of Indoor location – Beacons helps in recognizing the indoor location of the customer while he placing the order, This is useful in Resort Food Restaurants, Hotel Restaurants etc.

4. Wireless Check-in – You can offer the facility of Loyalty Programme to your customers so that when they make their visit to your outlet they can earn reward points from the Wireless check-in to your restaurant mobile app.

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5. Wireless Payment System – Customer can pay from his payment wallet app without hand over their cards to the Restaurant staff for swapping.

and Many more… beacon ideas for Restaurants

We have specially crafted a mobile app solutions for Restaurants, Mobile app for Food Takeaway & Mobile app for Drive Thru with the integration of iBeacon functionality.

Our Mobile App for Food Services has the following major features to maximize returns on your investment.

1. Unlimited Food Menu Listing with descriptions, Item name, Price, Attributes, Item Image.

2. Table Reservation / Food Pick-up Reservation.

3. Food Ordering with Payment Gateway – PayPal, Stripe.

4. Push Notifications

5. Grab Nearby Instant offer of the day – Broadcast through iBeacons.

6. WireLess Check-in to earn rewards for a customer on their every visit to your Food Outlet

7. Order history & tracking functionality

How the ibeacon feature works in our Food Ordering Mobile App ( Please see below video for ibeacon feature demonstration )