Beacon mobile app development company India

Beacon mobile app development company India

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Today we are going to yield some info about new wireless technology that is called “Beacon” it works similar to other near field communication devices but has more benefits.

What is beacon or iBeacon technology all about?

It is a Bluetooth technology which runs on very less energy that’s why it has been categorizing into blue beacon technology. This has been used to communicate information wirelessly and popular in the retail industry. it has the capacity to communicate wirelessly with the range of 0 to 200 meters, whereas it’s similar technology NFC not have this range.

It is a very tiny device which you can be customizable/configurable as per your need. Just a few cms of size only like NFC chips.

There are few applications where we use Beacon technology in our business as follows:

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1. Location proximity beacon application: Beacon has the functionality to trigger signals of his exact location within a place of business. Using these indicators we can achieve many different kinds of purposes such as collect customer counts, resource tracker, send a location from the mobile device in emergencies, push notifications on mobile devices about the location description, stepwise guide for customers in the store and much more.

2. Customer check-in / check-out beacon application: helps in measuring automatic counters of customer check-ins and check-outs without physical tickets. The customer can make check-ins from the distance without touching any device or read a barcode type of thing.

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3. Announcement beacon application: beacon can be placed at different items and configure to push information on customer mobile devices as soon as they come in a defined range of distance of the beacon. This feature is most popular for museums, events, exhibitions, retail stores carrying different brands of shops, big retail stores push offers & discounts on different sections of their stores. Shops grasp the attention of walk-in customers.

5. Security Beacon mobile applications: beacon can be used in various security mobiles apps such as resource tracking, push GPS location in emergencies, send pics and GPS location to local authorities, the various wearable can be embedded with it to trace the location of individuals, marketing folks, etc.

6. Payment solutions using beacon technology: Most popular and useful application of beacon technology. beacon make it possible to make the wireless payments without giving cards to the payment counter or touching any device or tracing a barcode. Successful applications are Apply Pay, Samsung Pay, BeamWallet, etc.

7. Analytical reports: Beacon device can trace the number of users around it. Using this info many business industries gather various types of analytical reports for further research, for example, a retail industry can generate various possibilities such as number of customer visit particular corner of the retail store or the business, how much time each customer spent on particular product, what color attracts customer the most, etc.

There are so many things and new innovation we will see in the coming years using beacon technology.

Just through some light how you can take benefit of this technology in your business or if you want to see what beacon technology can do for your business you can reach Beacon mobile app development company India, they have very good exposure to this technology and already working with many of mobile apps of similar kinds.

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