Beacon ble devices or concepts for extreme user experience for business

Beacon ble devices or concepts for extreme user experience for business

One of the best and innovative internet of thing technology called beacon low energy protocol introduced by apple as iBeacon and eddy stone by google. Now days are gone when people say switch off your Bluetooth it’s eating battery of smart phones. Bluetooth is now smart enough to act on predefined procedures by eating fraction of low battery charge of smartphone.

Smart low energy Bluetooth devices can be used in variety of use cases in most of the kind of businesses. They are helping many businesses in earning higher conversions, optimising operations and high yield of returns on investments.

Today here we will see few of the use cases where we see how it gives high ratio of user convinience to your customers along with high returns on your investments.

  • Welcome your regular customers with personalise greeting and push targeted offers to them based on their purchase history and previous visit patterns.
  • log your customer data into digital visitor list so that you can send them relevant information when you run your routine marketing campaigns.
  • Provide indoor navigation of your business to your customer which is not possible through GPS protocol.
  • Track your employees so that you can dig out information about recent activities in the time of mishaps.
  • Auto manage your business inventory to track misuse, steal behaviour, security at round the clock.
  • Dine in restaurant customer place food order from any corner of restaurants, hotels, resorts to report their indoor location automatic with order.
  • In hospitals, patient can call emergency calls to nurses and a nurse can easily see which patient is calling them.
  • Park your car in parking and activate your ble beacon device to track its parking location when you back to parking to reach your car.
  • Wireless authentication to restricted areas can be manageable through beacon I’d Card’s.
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and lots more….

In the today world of iOT beacon technology is one of the revolutionary tech which Is highly beneficial for every kind of businesses. Just you need to think how you can take benifit from it. This can be used as a marketing tool, optimising existing business operations, wireless convenience to your customers, etc.

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