Mobile App development for Grocery Business

Mobile App development for Grocery Business

Shopping is the favorite task of each and every individual. Everyone just loves to shop but women come in the top position when it comes to shopping. They do not compromise at any cost when it is about their household items. They are very particular about buying any grocery product. Technology has made it possible for the people to buy their daily need grocery items without going to the shops or grocery stores just sitting at their home using their mobile devices. Grocery owners can also sell their products online to customers without any problem. This is possible because of a variety of Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development in the market. 

Types of Grocery Shopping Apps

Mainly there are 3 types of grocery shopping apps prevailing in the current scenario: 

    1. The E-Commerce Grocery Apps: When it comes to popularity Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, are the names that come to our mind first. They are well-known for offering a vast range of grocery products in many places. Customers can also choose delivery time according to their convenience or comfort. 
    2. Individual-based Grocery Apps: Under this category is the apps that are only associated with delivering grocery items. Grofers and Bigbasket are examples of such apps. Using this category app user can make a list of needed items and get their items delivered at their doorstep within a stipulated time. 
    3. Supermarket-based Grocery App: The growth of the online grocery market has led the big supermarkets such as Publix and Costco to offer their different grocery products to the users by using apps. They have features of both the individual-based grocery app as well as e-commerce grocery apps with beacon technology and push notifications that make it possible to spot a nearby customer. 

Two different business models for Grocery mobile app development

  • Single business Grocery delivery mobile apps – Any business who are in selling of grocery products can own this app to list and sell grocery through mobile apps directly to their customers.  They can offer a subscription-based model /One-time grocery ordering in the app. Customer order items through mobile app and get home delivery or pick up booking as per their desire.
  • Multi-Vendor Market Place mobile apps – A mobile app platform where different vendor register and upload their grocery items to sell to the customers. Most popular eCommerce companies follow this type of business model such as Amazon, Groffer, etc. You can charge fix monthly fees from the vendors/suppliers or fixed fees on each new orders.
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Must-Have Feature for Grocery Apps

It is necessary to be familiar with the fundamental features required to be incorporated into the grocery app. So they are mentioned below:

  • User Panel: User panel must have the following important features: 
    • Registration: This is the fundamental part of any grocery app. In this user is allowed to register herself or himself with valid e-mail id or phone number. After that, the user can provide the particulars about himself or herself like his or her name, address, gender, etc. 
    • Search and Browse Products: This feature helps the user to search the grocery products of his or her choice as per the needs. 
    • Add to Cart: Here the user can add his selected product which he is interested but likes to buy in the future. 
  • Manage the Items: With the grocery app, customers are able to manage their selected products before making the final payment in order to avoid the mistake for extra items in the buying list. 
    • Payment Gateway Integration: This feature provides the facility to the customer to pay with ease by using various payment options as per his convenience. 
  • Schedule Delivery and Order Tracking: This feature allows you to schedule the delivery once you have paid for your order. You can also track your order by using the order tracking feature to know where your order currently is and when it will reach to you. 
  • Push Notifications: It is a feature that notifies regular customers about various discounts and offers in order to boost sales and traffic on the app. 
  • Ratings and Reviews: The customers can write reviews about the service and the item they have purchased if this feature exists on the app. With the help of feedback future strategies and plans can be made accordingly. 
  • Customer Support: This is a very important feature as this helps the users of the app to communicate with the customer support staff in case if they have any queries regarding the purchase, selection or replace or return of the product. 
  • Admin Panel: Admin panel must have the following important features:
  • Dashboard: Dashboard helps manage all the user’s orders and activities that are taking place on the app. They are tracked and managed by the Admin.
  • Realtime Analytics: Using this feature admin can verify and examine the previous record of the users.  Admin can check the number or orders placed, number of visitors on the app, number of clicks, and so on. With the help of this data, admin can make the business strategy and work to boost the experience of the users. 
  • Payment Management: The admin is the only person who is responsible for the management of payment for every order. All the Cash on Delivery and Online Payment modes are handled by the admin.
  • Inventory Management: This feature is significant from the perspective of admin as it facilitates the easy management of a large amount of inventory or stock. Admin can check the availability of stocks can verify or check the orders, payment, updates, and various additional activities. 
  • Order Management: After order confirmation by the user admin can depute them with the related manager so that the process of delivery of the order can be made easy and faultless. 
  • Delivery Panel: Delivery panel must have the following important features:
    • Geo-Location Services: This feature helps the delivery boy to locate the place of the user. Apple Maps or Google Maps can be incorporated for making the app work in a flawless way. 
  • Inapp Communication: By using this, the user can communicate with the person who is delivering the product directly. This is helpful when the delivery person is facing trouble to reach the user’s location. In such a case, the user can guide the delivery person in order to get his product delivered fast. 
  • Manage (reject or accept) Delivery Request: If the delivery location is remote then the delivery team can reject the request for order and may accept the order if they want to depend upon the location of the user. If the product is not available they can also cancel the request. 
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Advantages of Grocery Apps

The grocery apps have proved to be a good thing for the people in the grocery business because it has introduced a correct way to shop for the users. Below mentioned are a few advantages of the grocery apps:

  • Day and Night Availability: The customers can shop 24×7 on these grocery apps as there is no opening and closing time like physical grocery stores.
  • Time-Saving: A lot of time is saved as customers do not need to visit a grocery store, make and give the list to the shopkeeper and then wait for him to pack all your needed items and then return back to home. The online grocery apps help to get the needed items at your home within a short time and that too at your place. 
  • Helps to Get Reviews: With the help of grocery apps, the customers can post their reviews about their shopping experience and business can also improve their services based on the customer’s feedback.
  • Order Tracking: The customers are able to trace their order as per their delivery date.
  • Payment System: The customers can easily make payment with the payment mode they want to like cash, credit or debit card and so on.
  • Lucrative Offers and Discounts: The competition is increasing day-by-day with the growth of the grocery business and it is very tough to stay in such a fierce competition. The grocery app facilitates the business people to present lucrative offers and discounts to their customers or app users and update them timely regarding the same. 
  • Facilitates Selection from Wide Range of Products: Using the grocery-based apps, both the business people as well as consumers get the opportunity to offer a variety of products and choose from a wide range of products as per their requirements.
  • Inventory Management: It is easy for the business persons to manage their inventory utilizing the grocery app as the app enables to see the available stock of products, the most products in demand. 
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