How to use beacons in the Restaurant or Food Takeaway or Drive Thru?

How to use beacons in the Restaurant or Food Takeaway or Drive Thru?

Customer experience has enhanced the answer for the success of any business industry including Food Industry. Food Establishments can provide a high quality of customer experience with their business services by adopting reliable Beacon digital Solutions for their customers.

Beacon is an innovative way for optimizing your current operation along with providing exceptional user experience to your new & repeat customers.

What is beacon technology? – We have already explained it earlier. 

On high-level Beacons classified into two types of protocols – iBeacons created by Apple & Eddystone beacons created by Google. Working or technique of both the protocols are same but they react differently on detecting the signal of beacon into the smartphone devices. iBeacon beacon needs an related app installed in the smartphone to provide further act while detecting the beacon signal whereas Eddystone beacon doesn’t need an app it just uses Google Nearby feature to broadcast the URL in push notification from the web server.

So, How you can take advantage of beacon technology in your Food Business?

Here I am briefing some options where you can see various uses of the beacons in Food Business.

1. Digital Food Menu: iBeacon enabled your owned mobile app can show the food menu on user smartphone as soon as he reaches your outlet. Whereas through Eddystone beacons and Google Web browser capability, As soon as user reach your outlet they switch on the Bluetooth & get’s a URL of your online food menu.

2. Check-ins / Check-out: You can greet your customer with some personalized message as in Push notification to your returning customer to your Restaurant. You can configure to get a feedback form on the Mobile device when they are ready to leave the restaurant.

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3. Reward Points: Like many other Restaurant & Food Outlets who presently provide some reward for each repeat visit of the customer. Beacon enable us to make a feature of WireLess check-in & it automatically detects if a user actually in the Restaurant and earn him the reward points on each their visit.

4. Food Ordering from Dine-In Table: One beacon device attached to Each table in your Dine-In area, Where ever your customer place orders from the table kiosk or his mobile, it automatically detects the beacon and inform kitchen staff the table number along with the food order. This feature reduces the requirement of service peoples in your restaurant.

5. Broadcast Nearby Offers: Broadcast your current offers or latest happenings in the restaurant to your customers who are passing through your restaurant or food outlet. You can place beacons at your restaurant entrance, parking area or at some nearest crowded area.

6. Automate your order processing system: As you know that by using digital solutions you can optimize your current operations to scale your business. Beacon is a technology which helps at various places to further optimize your processes.

7. Temperature Beacons: You can place temperature beacons in your cold storage or where you want to maintain a certain type of necessary temperature. You can get all the temperature info on your mobile app and it also alarms you if the temperature is over or below required number.

8. Payment Solution: iBeacon enable technology allows to take payment from cards without the physical handover of the cards. This is more useful at Food takeaways & drive-thrus.

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and much more… If you have some idea or want to discuss how these beacons fit for your business you can reach us at iBeacon mobile app development company India.