Why Mobile App for Business is Must in 2020

Why Mobile App for Business is Must in 2020

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It is hard to imagine a world without a smartphone nowadays as every person is using smartphones for one or the other purposes and needs in their daily life. It is right to say that mobile devices and different apps are influencing the daily routine activities of people across the world to a great extent. So, the demand for mobile applications is also increasing with each passing day and it is the right time to use them for the benefit of the business. People should give a thought for investing in a mobile app for their business in 2020.

In today’s time, everything is getting online therefore; it’s the time when business people must understand the significance of Mobile App Development for their business. A mobile application is a must-have for the growth of each and every kind of business in 2020 because of the following benefits:

  1. Offers Enhanced Exposure: The main reason why a business needs a mobile application is to strengthen the brand name in the mind of customers. On average, the time spent by a person on a mobile phone is quite high ranging from 2 to 4 hours approximately. It is a fact that people use few particular applications at that time but it is also a fact that just your presence in the form of your app icon, brand logo, etc., can be built in the mind of the people. Therefore, this is the most important benefit of having a mobile application for your business as the icons seen on the mobile phone screen are rooted in the subconscious mind if viewed on a regular basis. Even if the person does not use the app frequently, his mind can remember the image and information so they will remember you when they will need the services you provide. 
  2. Generates Good Revenue: Mobile apps are becoming one of the greatest means of revenue generation. The reason behind this is that the number of mobile device users is increasing day-by-day. Around 66% of the world population is using smartphones and thus the anticipated revenue in 2020 from the mobile applications is around $189 billion. Well, that is quite a big amount. The rationale behind this is that the people find apps very convenient to use for different purposes such as getting their favorite food at their doorstep, booking a table at their favorite restaurant, checking their e-mails, etc. Therefore, Mobile App Development is a must-have for any business in 2020. 
  3. Offers Better Personalization: Personalization means providing customized communication to the app users as per their place, usage, interest, usage behavior, etc. Businesses can send their app users customized push notifications to improve their sales. Users can set their preferences, create personal app accounts, keep significant particulars handy using a mobile app. This also helps the businesses to send personalized content to the customers. When users get personalized content, there are more chances for businesses to get high conversions. Apps also provide an opportunity to track customer engagement and provide the best support for targeting the audience, providing updates and suggestions. Also, with the help of apps business, people can find out the actual location of the users in real-time in order to provide them geo-specific content. 
  4. Builds Brand Reputation: The other benefit of having a mobile app for your business is that it helps build the reputation of your business. For example, if you are a business offering Food Ordering and Delivery services people find it more convenient to book a food order through an app rather than calling the restaurant and then placing order. If your business is not having mobile app-based operations, then you may face a lot of problems on the way. Therefore, providing an app is vital as it helps meets the daily needs of the people with just a few clicks or taps on their mobile devices. The app also facilitates smooth communication with the users in case of any issue regardless of time and location. This helps the brand enhance its reputation as well as gain the trust of the users. 
  5. Helps to Better Market your Services: The mobile app helps the business to market their services in a much better way. Unlike the traditional way of doing business where you have to distribute the brochures and billboards to inform the people about your services, you can tell people easily about any feed related to your new services on the app. You can also keep your users inform by way of push notifications. 
  6. Increases Profit: If your app is providing a good experience to the customers they will be fully satisfied with you and this will eventually reflect in your sales figure. A lot of business persons feel that developing a web version for the mobile is much better as compared to Mobile App Development. Although, this assumption is incorrect. Going for a web version is much more complicated than having a mobile app. The case is very evident in the food industry. A person having an app will be able to easily place a food order and pay for the same from his mobile device 
  7. Convenient for the People: People can easily download the mobile apps from App Store, Google Play Market, etc., depending on the OS. The design of mobile apps fit much better than the sites on various screen sizes. Also, sharing special features, reminders, and updates within the mobile app helps in retaining customers and gaining their loyalty. 
  8. Increases Customer Engagement: If a business owner creates an app for its users which is providing great value to them, they will return to you. Mobile apps run in their own interface environment that permits users to become more engaged in the mobile experience. In mobile apps, engaging and exciting content can be created that can increase customer engagement. With the help of social media integration, customers can buy and share your products and services easily and they can also spread good words regarding your business on their social media profile. 
  9. Facilitates Sending Notifications and Updates Promptly: The best method to communicate with the users without disturbing them is to send notifications. In-app notifications are those which user gets only when he opens the mobile application while push notifications are those that users get regardless of the activity they are doing on their smartphones. Provided that the app is installed in the mobile device of the users’ notifications and updates can be easily and quickly send to their mobile devices when they are in close proximity. 
  10. Potential to Work Offline: Internet is a must-have for performing most of the tasks of the mobile app but some basic functions and content can be used by users in an offline mode anywhere at any time.  

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