How much does it cost to develop a mobile app from offshore


So you get a new idea for next billion dollars mobile app or you want to further enhance your business activities by the adoption of latest trends of mobility. Now you are trying to figure our how much it need to make a workable mobile app and you need to budget your funds accordingly.

We have built so many mobile apps till date on different features & off course for the very different industry. The question of costing totally depends on various stages of your needs and requirements. Today based on my experience I am going to give you some heads up idea how it does cost in terms of money and in terms of your efforts to do so. So that you can take your decision accordingly & avoid mistakes.

First of all developing a mobile app is not like a developing a cheap website in some form of pre-packaged packages. Becuase all businesses or ideas are different and this will result in different facilities of mobile apps.

So the process of developing a mobile app starts from concept and you should start with drafting your mobile app features in some document so that it will be easier for you to discuss the same when you plan to hire some professionals. This is easy to do task and you can do it yourself after all this is your app and you know it better.

After requirements, we should draft the wireframes for the mobile app. Wireframe are the rough layouts and workflow which can be done on paper or some document or some wireframing tool like pencil, Ux pin, etc.

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You should spend a good time on wireframe because this will save your lot of efforts in UI & development of your mobile app and it avoids many surprises of delays too. If you have enough time then you can so it or hire a professional to do it for you. In India, this will take around $500 – $2000 to get you the good work on wireframes for your mobile project.

After you complete with your wireframes then you can start the discussions on your mobile app development with different vendors and you will see this wireframing definitely save you 20 – 30% of your total development cost.

Now, Back to answer what it does cost to make a mobile app offshore in India. Here is some basic idea which can give you some glimpse of the cost.

1. Simple informational App for your business will cost you between $1000 – $3000 depends on your quantity of information & length of the details.

2. If you are requirements are custom and unique it will definitely cost you higher & depends on a total number of hours it will take in development. You can take a slab of $5000 – $15000 for this.

3. Food related mobile apps generally cost with some general features from $1000 – $5500.

4. Bidding portal type of mobile apps will cost you around $10000 – $25000 along with the website & back end console with web services.

5. Gaming apps are the costlier affair starts from $10,000 to $50,000.

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It also depends on the platform if you want for iOS or Android any single of them cost you less and both the development of native features will cost you more.

The overall conclusion is this that, developing a mobile app is totally a customised solution so every developer company first see the requirements then only can tell you what exactly it will cost along with what all resources it will take to make your dream idea a success.

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