How many different types of Keywords in SEO?

How many different types of Keywords in SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization exercises to get your web presence on targeted keywords on the front page of the popular search engines like Google or Bing when your potential customer search information to buy your business offerings or products. Such activities lincludes On-Page & Off-page optimisation services.

SEO in the digital industry always starts from the Keywords research, these keywords are the most important part of your SEO activities because they should optimally be selected to target your customers who come to your website and buy your services. Wrongly targeted keywords result in traffic generation but those visitors will not convert into the customer. Also, result in the waste of efforts for optimization your website.

What is a Keyword for SEO?

If you are a beginner and just want to jump into the world of SEO yourself or want to hire an SEO company for your business and just wondering where to start and want to know what is a keyword? which has so much importance in the SEO world to promote your online stuff. Here I am explaining the meaning of Keyword for SEO.

A keyword is any phrase or group of words you would like to rank your website on a prominent position in a search engine when your potential customer search for it. A Keyword can be a single word or a bunch of words but keep remember single words like Hotel, Booking, Apple are very competitive in nature and hard to achieve the first-page rank in the search engines. Don’t think now that SEO is a costlier affair for marketing but desire results can still be achievable because keywords are further categorized into different types of variations to solve your purpose of high ranking to grow your business.

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Different types of Keywords for SEO?

Here are some of the distinct types of keywords you need to consider while searching and making a selection for your SEO journey.

  • Head-term / selective keywords: Keywords with one or two highly specific keywords are termed as head-term keywords like car rental, buy property, manufacturers, cookies,etc. They are highly competitive and very hard to achieve on the first page of the result in the search engine.
  • Long-tail Keywords: Keywords with three or more phrases called as long-tail keywords & easy to rank for your purpose. For example: Best mobile app maker in India, Best bakery in Nashua. These keywords are targeted to your services & easy to rank in the search engines which actually takes traffic to convert into your business customer.
  • Navigational keywords: Keywords used to target a particular business name or brand like company name Apple, HCL, Fablian, etc.
  • Informational Keywords: These are the tutorial or learning type of potential keywords which generally search with “What is..”, “How to…”, etc. User searches them to get information about a particular topic. they are not a potential customer but sometime user searches for this info can become your customer if he finds useful information on your website & it seems to proves your skills.
  • Transactional Keywords: Keywords searched by the visitor to complete commercial transactions are called as transactional keywords like buy, sale, etc, for example, Buy cookie online, Plot for sale in Nashua, etc.


Head-term Keywords are most competitive keywords which are not worth to target by small businesses but Long tail keywords, Informational Keywords & Transaction keywords are those keywords which you need to plan for your SEO journey to rank your website to get fruitful results for your business growth and they lead more customers to your business.

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