Top Ideas for your beacon based mobile app development 2019

Top Ideas for your beacon based mobile app development 2019
Watch the video to grasp exactly what is a beacon technology / Bluetooth low energy device & how it works?

Beacon technology founded by Apple which is called ibeacon i.e. Bluetooth low energy protocol which communicates location information wirelessly with very less consumption of the battery.

These beacon devices majorly popular for the Retail industry but can be used in other business also.

Here are the Top few ideas of beacon-based mobile applications.

1. Push notification offers: As soon as your customer comes near your business and your business app is loaded in his mobile app he will get the list of latest offers running in your business. This will attract your customer to visit your shop/store to see the offers.

2. Beacon device can be placed in the different part of your retail store so that your customer can get more info on the product by simply a click or touch the device.

3. A beacon can trace the customer moves and gives you reports like which section of your store has a maximum visit, which color attracts the customer most, etc.

4. You can stick beacon device to the expensive resources of your business so that if someone wants to remove it, it can raise alarms at your end.

5. Simple attendance system equipped with beacon device similar to the RFID enabled ID cards for attendance.

6. The beacon can be attached to the resources and you can track it on your mobile app with an exact distance between you and the resource. This also helps you in case of keys lost, etc.

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7. In Restaurant, a beacon can be attached to each table of your dine-in area and customer can place the order from his mobile device and you get the table number automatically with the order at your mobile device.

8. Check-in rewards. The customer can enter into your store and he will be rewarded by the points by simply trace the customer enters into the premises.

9. Wireless payment solutions, Customer pay wirelessly by just a touch on a beacon device placed at your cash counters. Even it is very helpful when someone fueled his car and pay wirelessly without giving a card to the attendant.

10. Fully automated electric system for homes or businesses such as lights, Ac’s attached to the mobile app and you can control them switch on / off from your mobile app from a distance using beacon-enabled electric systems.

11. Tracker wearables for Adults/patients to trigger an alarm in case of emergencies or when beacon sense if someone going out from the safe area, it can trigger an alert to the predefined contact.

12. Beacons are already popular for museums, art galleries, etc.

and much more.

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