Beacon technology is next Big What ?

Beacon technology is next Big What ?

Beacon Technology – Apples’s iBeacon & Google’s Eddystone ( Wireless BLE Technology )

The scope of beacon technology usage is likely to balloon in the next several years. While beacons have made the largest waves in the retail industry as of now, thought leaders such as ABI Research expect retail to become the smallest marketplace for beacon usage compared to expanding marketplace as a whole. ABI forecasts that 60 million BLE beacon devices are going to be sent by 2019, and they admit that number may be a conservative estimate. Given that a single keynote speaker at this decades SXSW convention suggested that around 50 percent of primary retailers were using beacon platforms in multiple of their shops, the belief that retail software will soon be dwarfed that talks about how beacon platforms will change the world.

What else could be in store for shop beacons? Because there’s no way of knowing for sure, a look at the crystal ball of thought direction could yield hints, along with lots more questions. Loyalty Program Automation – Currently, using beacons to make targeted offers attract retail brands and the most loyal or thrift-minded of their customer base. While spur-of-the instant coupons and provides may be thrilling, they do not provide a long-term, value-added expertise in contrast to another attempt. Loyalty programs do, though. Loyal clients can earn their very own loyalty equity through consistent, repeat purchases.

Bargain hunting clients might be persuaded to progressively build up to savings with a long duration investment in a brand as opposed to being digital coupon clippers. While most main retailers already have some version of a loyalty program, beacons might help these programs reach deeper levels of engagement. Beacon platforms may also simplify loyalty programs to smooth the nodes such as That the classic I forgot my loyalty card instant. Store check-ins might be automated to award loyalty points when a client walks throughout the door. Accumulated loyalty points can remind a client that they have a special discount on sure products when they walk up to the beacon-enabled display.

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Applications such as these push beacon-enabled loyalty programs to gamification mindsets, all while gathering robust client data to inform marketing decisions and also personalized one-to-one interactions. Transforming That the Venue Experience – The hospitality and event business is especially excited about how beacons may create distinctive, interactive, digital experiences for individuals visiting a certain location. Current NBA champions That the Golden State Warriors eagerly await the opening of the new arena in 2018. A 12 acre complex in San Francisco, California won’t only play home to the Warriors, it’ll also contain commercial spaces, entertainment venues, restaurants, and parks. Beacons will be installed through the complex to help visitors navigate its huge layout while also giving them info and offers. The current Warriors stadium in Oakland, California is already experimenting with technology in order to send people heading into the nosebleed section seat upgrade options when there are unused seats closer to the action.

Some of the highly successful use cases of the beacons are as follows:

1. WireLess Check-ins & Check-outs – Configure predefined actions on getting a smartphone comes into range of the beacon or when smartphone leaving from the range. Such as offers & discounts, Feedback of services when the person leaving the shop or restaurant.

2. Automatic Attendance cum Beacon indoor Tracking System – Beacon can be used to take automatic attendance and track the user indoor activities. This system used in big corporates, manufacturing hubs, Entertainment resorts, Schools, College, Universities, etc

3. Beacon-based Business Utilities – Different beacons at different places of business can broadcast information to all customers or staff in a single go, Restricted area access with proper authentication, Business applications can be used by authorized users only, the Inventory tracking management system for manufacturing hubs, etc.

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4. Beacon-based WireLess Payment Solutions – Payment Wallet apps are very much popular these days. Through beacons, the customer can make wireless payments for their invoice without any need of hand over the physical cards to the staff. WireLess payments are much popular and useful at Fuel Stations, Food TakeAways, DriveThru, etc.

5. Food Outlets Usage – WireLess Food Ordering, Broadcasting instant offers, Reward Earning system by WireLess Check-ins, Food Ordering on Table, etc.