What is best – Mobile website or mobile responsive website ?

What is best - Mobile website or mobile responsive website ?

Sometimes it makes confusion what a mobile website & mobile responsive website is. Both are same, or there is a difference between them. In simple terms, there are a lot of difference in both the type of websites.

Today I am going to clear you what is the difference between two & merits and demerits of the same.

First, what are mobile responsive websites?  

The mobile responsive website is not particular a website type; It is a technique of website coding by which all code has been written in such a way that it’s output on the different browser will be different according to a different screen size of the device. The layout of the website squeeze the sections in such a way that they appear readable and easy to browse without using the zoom on mobile devices. Here we need not make a two different versions like in mobile websites. The single version of the website works on all types of devices. In technical terms, website develops on grid coding such as HTML 5 with the various frameworks like Golden Grid System, 960 Grid System, Twitter Bootstrap, etc.

What are the mobile websites?

It has been clear what is mobile responsive websites. Now Mobile websites are a traditional form of website development which has been announced and used before mobile responsive frameworks. Here the website designers design separate version of website particularly for mobile or tablet devices along with desktop version, which runs on different subdomain or subfolder of root website such as m.yourwebsite.com, www.yourwebsite.com/m/. These website self-detect users device and redirect to the particular version of a website (Desktop/Mobile). Typically mobile website doesn’t contain all information or features of desktop version website, but they provide limited features & information on mobile devices.

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Comparison mobile responsive website vs mobile websites:

1. Cost:  Mobile responsive website is cheaper development, whereas the cost of developing desktop version & mobile version separately cost just a double. For startups, mobile responsive websites are the efficient way to go online with less cost and same features. Maintaining single website is also cheaper than maintaining two versions of the sites.

2.  SEO: It is easier to promote a single version of the site in case of the mobile responsive website as compared to a separate mobile internet site & desktop version.

3.  User-friendly: In mobile responsive websites users will see all the information whatever is on the main site. Whereas in a mobile website we can show particular & specific features which we want to show to mobile users. This will ease the user-friendliness of the site and makes the lighter version as compared to desktop websites.

4. Application: Mobile website is beneficial for large scale websites as compared to a mobile responsive website. The website which has extensive features of dynamic nature need to develop a separate mobile website. For example when every you try to open facebook.com via mobile browser you see the mobile version of facebook.com. The mobile responsive website is best for informational sites.

5. Brand consistency: In mobile responsive websites it maintains the brand consistent for the user. The user sees the same colour theme, the same call for action, same buttons, same images, overall content will be same either user access your website through his desktop or mobile device.

6. Limitation: In mobile sites, there is a weakness to show all the information of desktop website as it makes the mobile website heavier and slow to load. Whereas mobile responsive website or layouts, have no limitation of this type.

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