How to setup your online eCommerce business?


Today we are going to discuss how to set up your eCommerce business for tapping online customers from wide geographical area. Majorly any commercial transaction happens online comes in the eCommerce industry. E-commerce is not solely limited to product retail but the online selling of services like tours, website designing, house cleaning packages also comes in eCommerce.

Everybody aware of the impact of exposure to the online interaction of customers with online purchasing pattern is an immense opportunity for every type of business. Today here we would like to share some tips for the beginners on How to setup your online eCommerce business in this digital age.

We will go step by step and see how to gradually set up your online business and grow your sales revenues.

  1. Analyse & select your niche of products to be sold online:
    You can skip this step if you already in business and want to go online just to take further growth path. But for a beginner first, they need to analyse the market and see the demand for selected niche of products. In my personal experience products in the range of 1000 – 5000 sells fast, or you need to choose some unique product which is very limited available in your targeted market. Just for help Alibaba is a good sourcing hub for your bulk needs.
  2. Sourcing of selected product inventory:
    Just you setup with the idea of what you will sell online. Now you need to decide which model you will follow for keeping the stock of products. One is you will invest your capital in acquiring stock in-house and another one to make tie-ups with suppliers so that they will dropships when actual order arrive from the customers.
  3. Search, Analyse & Register your online brand name i.e. domain name:
    This is very time-consuming and very critical part of your online business. Selection of domain name can make or break your online business. You have to keep few tips while selecting domain name such as domain name should be small, rememberable, brandable, Maximum characters would be 16, it should sound what you sell, keyword in the domain name will be best for search engines, but domain name should not be exactly a keyword name.
  4. Set your social media profiles & under construction welcome page at new domain:
    In the meantime, you go for your website & mobile app development setup your social media profiles as soon as you book your new domain name. So that you can secure your name on all social media sites, and start gathering some awareness about your coming business. Similarly set up an inviting under construction page with a newsletter sign up script from mail chimp or from others with some incentive for early sign ups.  This will create a curiosity for your first time visitor for your new online business.
  5. Select an agency to design your eCommerce web & mobile apps:
    It’s a correct time to talk and analyse various eCommerce development companies for creating your web & mobile apps. You can go offshore or in your local for these services it depends on your budget. Many time you can get good foreign agency who can do all activities of your online venture in reasonable price with a large quality as compared to your local vendors. The choice is yours. At offshore you can get your eCommerce website designed for $2000 – $5000. Your new site almost takes 4 – 6 weeks in development so take this step in advance would be beneficial for your business planning.
  6. Arrange good photographs of your products: 
    In every online business, good photos are essential to attracting online customers and increase conversions in sales. I Would prefer pictures with a white background for your first start as it goes with any colour theme of your website and standout your products & its features very well. It seems this is a very quick job to take pics of the products, but it takes much time if you planned to do it yourself instead of a professional photographer.
  7. Develop product database to upload on your website:
    Draft a product data in Excel or something similar in the format which will be used to feed into your website database. Excel would be a preferable format for all types of today’s popular eCommerce platforms. You need to create a unique product number & product name for all the goods. Just a small tip try to keep unique information for all the products as it possible so that it will help you in good ranking in search engines.
  8. Get set go with upload of product pics & data on your website:
    Might be your web agency assist you in uploading product data on your website, or you planned to do it yourself. Upload all the product data on the site before going on live domain. So that you can see how it look and fix the glitches if it has any.
  9. Integrate all third party software such as Payment processor, Shipping API, TXT gateway & run a dry run before going for live
  10. Now you are all set and go live to earn the first sale of your online business. If need any professional help in development of your eCommerce application you can reach Best eCommerce designing company 
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