Checklist for your first online development project in 2020


Having a good idea is not self-sufficient until its execution in the perfect way. Emphasis on correct execution is equally important to have success product to kick-start your startup based on your new idea because An excellent product is a foundation of your new business, if it is full of bugs and surprises then it can be a disaster before starting your new venture. Sometimes these bugs & surprises are the results of improper planning of project requirements.

Today we discuss a few essential checkpoints which you should prepare before finding the development agency for your project. They will help you and your development company to understand the exact requirements & flow of the project.

Step 1: Document your Idea.

Explain your Idea with the help of text & pictures as much as you can do in a PPT or Doc. It should be very simple in presentation and should be easy to understand by the developers. Note: This document is very different from the project presentation which you prepared to pitch VC or financers.

Step 2: Design prototype. 

Design prototypes or sometimes called dummy product flow to explain the exact flow of your web or mobile application. You can use one of the free prototyping tool called Pencil for this purpose. This will also help to suggest the layouts of the web or mobile application in a rough view.

Step 3: Document User Stories or cases. 

User stories or cases mean various ways of action performed by the user of the application of the same task but the system will respond to him with different results based on the user submissions. Just for example, User access information can only be accessed by registered users. So first time when a new user tries to access the information, it will ask for login credentials or click to register as a new user. So here there are two stories for actions one for the registered user do this… or new user does this-this…..

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You can draft these stories for each feature of the website. I know it seems very time-consuming task but if you give efforts to this work then the possibility of errors in your project development reduced to much extent.

Step 4: Document details about the Admin control panel. 

In this step, you need some help from the developer to understand what all features need to develop based on the requirement given by you. It will include all reporting & manageable back-end functions, which needs to develop for managing your website front end features & database.

These Four Steps are must before you are going to interview or search for the developer agency for your project development. This will reduce chances of errors & confusion to many extents & help developer agency in drafting the detailed technical requirement specification before beginning actual work on your project.

If you need some help in drafting the above specification or want to start the development of your project then you can contact Best Mobile Development company.