How to start with custom mobile app development for your business or next million dollar idea

How to start with custom mobile app development for your business or next million dollar idea

Today is a generation of mobility, everywhere, and everybody taking juice from the mobility for their business or unique idea. These days smart platforms like iPhone and Android provides such a convenience of usability that people spends like to spend more time on their smartphones instead of desk laptops. Either they read the news, do shopping, do research, find nearby vendors, call someone and much more they pick their device and perform the task which is needed. Even smart devices are the new replacement of entertainment and learning new things.

## So what is custom mobile app development actually means

In smartphones, we install various software or utilities from app store like iTunes or play store. This software come up with an icon to use that software. This software called mobile apps and perform some nice features which they designed for. Set of these features known as custom mobile app development. Custom means different functional features based on owner requirements to give particular utility to the app users.

## Advantage of having custom mobile app development

The mobile app can give you following benefits which purely based on your goal such as

– Opportunity to open the door for your product selling the business. Nowadays your customer prefers to buy products more from the mobile apps as compared to traditional window shopping.
– The customer can make appointments, reservations, bookings via their smartphones.
– The customer can order food delivery from their office or home.
– The customer can meet with other suppliers of services or products on your app if you have a B2B based marketplace.
– and much more…

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From the above explanation, you can easily judge how a mobile app gives a boost to your side hustle or current business for future growth. Now see how to start working on it.

## How to start with your first custom mobile app development

First of all, don’t start searching for the right vendor immediately when you made up your mind to make a mobile app. Your first step should be making a note of each brief of your idea on a white paper or a word document. If possible make a detailed overview of your wants as detailed it can be. This will be a foundation of a good start of your requirement when you start discussing your project with mobile app development companies.

Secondly, Plan your development model based on your budget or business model. It means if you have a unique idea which you want to be in the market just to check its potential, you should go with prototyping with your idea in any one of the smartphone OS. this prototype will be a fully working app without any backend functions. This will be a cheaper solution to start with custom mobile app development. If you have established business and you know what you want then go with full-fledged mobile app development.

Third, Now start with searching for mobile app development vendor company based on your requirement. If you have a huge budget with you, you can hire your local app development company which generally works between $25000 – $50000 or if you want a cost-effective solution with the same level of quality then you must search any best mobile app development India. They generally work between $5000 – $25000.

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Fourth, You definitely found 3-4 vendors at this stage and want to analyze whom will be best suitable to your need. At this stage don’t do the mistake of choosing wrong mobile app development just for the sake of low pricing. Cheap pricing takes many hidden things which creates issues, later on, like No understanding of requirement, you have to guide them on each bit of development, compromise on features to wrap up development quickly, No professional advise they just do what you told them, important no security of code they resell your codes to take out rest compromise cost and many others.

### So the question is what to see in the vendor while the selection

– Previous work, Although it is not necessary that they have done the same project you can view their reference app and types of features and looks.
– How detailed they define the scope of work in the proposal. The scope of work is very important part of every proposal if vendor understands your requirement completely he will provide you a very detailed version with each piece of features and flow or if he just wants to gain project and thinks that we understand exact requirement during development he simply drops feature in a list. Sometimes just copy and paste from your given briefs. Understanding of project is a key to the success of every project.
– Price parameters, Proposed cost should not be too low or too high. If it is too low then there will be surprises which open during development. If prices are too huge then it is also a problem basically efforts should be well defined for asking the cost of the project.
– Communication with the vendor, whether they ask you questions for the flow of your required mobile app or not. 70% of mobile app agencies just agree to start working with you without asking you a single question. These questions give you an idea of vendor requirement understanding and maturity level.

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Fifth, Select the mobile app development company and make an agreement with them. Also, don’t forget to take sign on NON-disclosure to protect your project idea.

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How to start with custom mobile app development for your business or next million dollar idea