Core PHP Development vs framework development. Why ?

Core PHP Development vs framework development. Why ?

As we already know that various on source technologies which are based on PHP available nowadays for managing or development of a new web application.

Developer agency codes your application mostly in two ways either with direct PHP coding or using some framework like cake PHP,  CodeIgniter, etc.

So question arise which one is best for your requirements?

Development in Core PHP or using some framework?

I am going to explain the brief of differences in following points:

1.  Framework development is highly scalable and robust.

2.  In a framework, development Code will be structured in different layers for proper execution. Mostly all development framework based on MVC – Modular View Controller. These three layers have their specific purpose in the system structure.

3. In PHP Development you need to code each and everything yourself whereas many standard functions and libraries available premade in the frameworks like CodeIgniter. Which increases the efficiency of development and reduce the time by eliminating the same wheel of features again n again.

4. In general, we can secure both types of development but in framework development securities measures are already taken care of.

5. The pool of community member support for specific framework language.

6. Framework development will be easy to work with any developer who has expertise in that framework. Whereas some time Core PHP development noticed hard experience when you plan to change your developer agency.

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