How much does it cost to build an iOS app from offshore India.

How much does it cost to build an iOS app from offshore India.

I believe you are in search of an offshore iOS app development agency or just planning to analyze the cost of an iOS app development from a local agency as compare to an offshore agency.

Like a website, mobile apps has not been a commoditised yet because of it dynamic & custom requirements. An offshore agency generally analyzes how much effort of hours they need to spend on coding your modules shared in requirements.  Based on this information they will multiple total hours into their offshore hourly rates which generally ranges from $12 to $20 per hours.

If you are just scheming to launch a basic business app from your business which contains 5 – 8 informational pages then it will be very cheaper around $499 – $599. Else most of the time it starts from $1000 onwards.

Actually, in technical terms, Agency needs to analyze whether your iOS App will be a standalone application or need a back end panel to manage the features of the mobile app that added additional cost into the app development cost.

The general formula to measure the cost of iOS app is as following:

A total number of hours in coding & UI x Hourly rates  = Total cost.

Good features iOS app contains – Web backend panel + Web services to communicate with iOS App + iOS Mobile app.

Sometimes cost will vary depend on the availability of third-party API for specific features.

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