Digital solutions for Health care agencies, practitioners, institutes.


As we are working with health industry from past few years. Today I thought to share different digital solutions which may be essential to make your health guidance process simpler and more meaningful to your patients.

Digital Digital Digital, you hear this word everywhere nowadays. What are the different ways we can use different technology solutions in your health care practice? I will discuss this today.

First of all, there are two modes of deliveries for these solutions, One is Desk based systems & another mode is for Mobile devices, The Smartphones which are hugely accepted and popular nowadays as compare to never before.

Digital Solutions for Health Care industry for Desk systems are:

1.  Web-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Yes you hear right, CRM is not only necessary to be used by businesses or retail shop but it needs my health care agencies too So that they can keep the database of their patients with their other stats of medical histories & personal pieces of information.

2.  Web-based Customer Account history / Reports management, Here health care agencies provide an online account to their patients where they can see their history, latest lab test reports, treatment follow-ups, prescribed medicine details & much more depends on the features you would like to provide to your customers.

3. Health care management application, By implementing health care management software into your establishment you can manage all your process online such as Payroll, Different types of Staffs, Inventories, Patient Bed management, Patient accounts, Manage your diagnostic machines, etc.

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4. Appointments Manager – This is an essential program for your services where customer request an appointment and software manage all your appointments accordingly.  Even this software can manage different appointments for different staffs of your practice.

5. Commonly used and already known: A Website to showcase your health care practice and your field of expertise.

6. Online medicine e-commerce shop: If you are the medicine pharmacy then you can set up an online shop for medicines where a customer can directly purchase medicines from your website & also set different frequency for regular requirements of medicines for future.

Digital Solutions which are mobile app based (Really interesting ideas)

1. Tablet App for taking feedback from customers/patients.

2. Tablet App to take entry of all your patients and their medical history.

3. Queue management mobile App to manage the queue of patients in the office. In this, you can provide a login to your customer so that they can view the current number in the queue and reach your place accordingly.

4. Emergency or SOS Apps: You can provide a mobile app to all your patients who are in critical conditions like Aged peoples, Health Patients etc So that in the case of emergencies they simple click on a button to send you their location and emergency stuff without feeding anything and you reach them promptly.

5. Health Stats mobile apps: Nowadays smartphones are so much smart and feature rich that they can store various health log of its user automatically. These health logs can be used by health practitioners in various ways.

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6. Use of Tablet Apps in Hospitals in place of notes taking on paper.

7. Mobile wallet payment apps to pay hospital, treatment, etc bills via mobile apps.

8. Various RFID / NFC enabled wearables available in the market to track the health status of the patient.

and much more can add to the lists depends on the next innovative way you can think about.

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