Fablian Proximity marketing mobile app solutions India

Fablian Proximity marketing mobile app solutions India

Go beyond BLE beacons and place-based Marketing with our detailed goal rules, extra Proximity Campaigns, and fine-grained analytics. Goal by proximity zones, dwell time, user profiles and CRM data.

Enable iBeacon, Eddystone or hybrid iBeacon-Eddystone protocol for the good probable coverage of smartphone latest model – with or without mobile apps.

Fablian BLE Beacon Apps Development Services

Not your range BLE beacon. The Fablian custom beacon services offer strong and different characteristics, which are not available on the mart. helpful for Fablian Proximity marketing mobile app solution India, Belongings tracking and indoor positioning applications. Distantly administrable from web Portal and the Fablian developed mobile app.

BLE Proximity Marketing

• Grow consumer foot traffic
• Increases visitor-to-clients conversion rates
• Engage clients and increases loyalty
• Enhance customer experience by personalizing notification & greets.
• Boost offline-to-online convergence

Full System for BLE Proximity Marketing
A general BLE Proximity method consists of all parts and features in one solution, unified and ready to use.

The Fablian Proximity Marketing solution endue:

1. A proximity Marketing web application which is simple to use and control.
2. A broad limit of goal options.
3. Campaign Analytics which is the good comfort of business requires.
4. Fine-grained place -based clients insights.
5. Tools for measuring a Proximity Campaign’s effect on foot traffic.

BLE Proximity Technologies

The Fablian Proximity solution supports:

• Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology
• iBeacon and Eddystone protocols
• GATT protocol

And the following Eddystone format frames:

• Eddystone-URL
• Eddystone-TLM
• Eddystone-UID
• Eddystone-EID

Proximity Marketing Use Cases

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Develop a deeper and more particular relationship with clients by enduring helpful information such as hot proffers, notifications regarding weather rebate and new item lines. Greet them as they enter your store, and advice checking out one of the particular locations on the nearest shelf.
Shopping Malls
Install your own media channel to endue Fablian Proximity marketing mobile app solutions India to retailers and brands represented in the store, moll. Launch an allegiance program to foster impressive talks with every individual store visitor.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Activate a client’s allegiance program and details it with your store’s mobile application. Send goal notifications to loyal clients and launch engaging activities. Run salesman – and partner-sponsored advertisement campaigns.

Suggest travelers on gate changes, flight lateness and other vital information. Send advertisement material for airport businesses and notifications regarding air ticket rebate. Display information on ground transport services also a list of airport amenities and timing limit.