FABLIAN the best beacon application development company in India.

FABLIAN the best beacon application development company in India.

Fablian Technologies Team is very dedicated to developing the Best beacon application development company India and we are well-known for developing the more impressive and charming best beacon mobile applications. Beacon technology uses mobile applications to deliver contextualized material as per the nearby and that’s why beacons have begun the new era of digital marketing.

What is the Beacon Technology?

A beacon device transmits information using BLE signals to every the vicinal Bluetooth empowered better devices to choose Android phones, tablets, and more. The beacon transactions include only three cost, including UUID, a big cost, and a minor cost.


let say, a user enters in a shop with the beacon mobile application installed on him/her smartphone. If the shop had the broadcaster beacon device installed, it will find out the little data packet transferred from this broadcaster. The started data can be all thing choose item details, proffer, coupons or certain deals and sends personalize message as a push notification on to smartphone of the customer. This use case most popular in retail & direct B2C industry.

Beacon Meaning

The beacon is an economically valued hardware, which uses low-energy and battery-customized  Bluetooth relations for transmitting messages or sends reminder directly to the Smartphone or a phone. The beacon has properly transformed the way how dealers, transit systems, event organizers, institutions for education and trading enterprises talks with the people indoors.

Chance with the beacon technology is comprehensive and endless. Being the best beacon application development company in India, Fablian Technologies has expertness in the Best beacon application development company India so we can build smart and impassive android mobile applications & iPhone mobile applications which are consistent with the beacon technology.

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The Future of Beacon

At Fablian Technologies, we believe that beacon technology is among the good Top ten mobile technologies of the future! Beacons allow mobile apps to become informed of delivering contextualized material depending on the proximity. Beacons assist in getting very vast and honest analytics. That’s why the beacon technology will cromlech with very identifying options in the future. Being the key element in the (Internet of Things), Beacon will be a vital part of the Mobile World in the future!

Best beacon application development company Service

At Fablian Technologies, we endure the best beacon application development company in India

  • Prototype design and development of the Beacon Application thing
  • Beacon Android Application structure
  • Beacon Android Application design & Development
  • Beacon Backend Development Solutions

How Will Fablian  Technologies assist You in Beacon Android iOS App Development?

As beacon technology has become a “warm cake”, we have learned this technology profound. We have made these uses with the beacon and we feel much proud that we have achieved best specialization with best-motivated professionals in the beacon android app development. We are well designing with the deep knowledge, methods, design and the process involved in development, beacon deployment of the Best beacon application development company India. Our incline to something new has kept us motivated to update our knowledge and proficiency with the beacon technology and IoT.

Some the beacon mobile applications Fablian did so far.

  1. The Restaurant mobile app to broadcast push offers to nearby customers who have Restaurant app installed in their smartphones. (iPhone & Android) Ref: Beacon-based Restaurant Mobile App  
  2. Wireless Check-in Coupon Reward wallet for Customers who opt for the SMS offers. Each check-in at the business helps a customer to earn reward points. Ref: iBeacon based Check-in Mobile App
  3. Wireless payment solution similar to “https://www.beamwallet.com/”, the beacon has to be installed on merchants to make wireless payment from the mobile app without giving the physical card to the merchant user.
  4. Beacon equipped hand band has given to the patient of hospital & that wearable used to authenticate the given treatment at various stages. A mobile app to track all treatment inventory or consumption during the stay of the patient along with the payment facility of hospital bills via cards or at billing section of the hospital.
  5. Self Security mobile device with a beacon integrate wristwatch. A mobile app developed to sense the signal of SOS alerts triggers through a mobile app or hand wristwatch. Ref: iBeacon security App Companies
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and many more …..

If you are looking for beacon mobile app developers India, You are at right place and can reach us to discuss your idea at https://www.fabliantechnologies.com/contact-us/

FABLIAN the best beacon application development company in India. FABLIAN the best beacon application development company in India. FABLIAN the best beacon application development company in India.