General Features of On Demand Food Delivery App Development

General Features of On Demand Food Delivery App Development

Following features must be taken into consideration in On-Demand Food Delivery App Development:


  • User Account: The user account is the first feature that the user looks for as soon as he downloads the app. Here he can register himself either with his phone number or mail id or any social media platform. This is the feature where the user can view all the current and past activities such as Order history, favorite restaurant to order, re-order, manage addresses, etc.
  • Push-Notifications: This feature helps to keep the user of the app up-to-date with respect to the services / latest offers and is also helpful in increasing the online food ordering business.
  • Online Booking of Orders: This feature is a core center of any food ordering application. A user downloads an app or visits a food ordering website just to place an order for his favorite dishes. 
  • Rating or Feedback Concerning Deliveries: The user of the app must be able to give ratings and share their feedback regarding the experience they had with your service. This will not only help to spread good words about you if you get positive feedback but will also help you to overcome your shortcomings by complaints of users if any.
  • Customer Service Support: This is essential as it is helpful for the user in case if they have any queries and also for the service provider as they can reach the user easily by contacting them in case of any problem.
  • Cancel Order: The option to cancel the orders must also be present as sometimes user wants to cancel the order before the starting of the service.
  • Payment Options: User should have the option to pay by the payment method he wants to opt. Therefore, different modes of payment must be there such as Credit Card, Paytm, Debit Card, etc.
  • History: The user must have the option to view his past order details like what order he has placed, at which date and at what time and who are the service providers.
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Estimating the Cost to Develop On-Demand Food Delivery App

On-demand food delivery apps are progressing very much nowadays. Few research studies reveal that on-demand food delivery apps have attained a substantial growth of about 79% in the current state. The question that comes in our mind is if the app is so valuable; what are the factors which influence the cost to develop the app. The cost of developing an on-demand food delivery app is dependent on the following important factors:

  1. Functionality: A normal basic app which is having the standard features will cost less as compared to the app having advanced features.
  2. Mobile Platform: The cost will also depend on which mobile platform the app is to be developed whether it is an Android platform or iOS platform.
  3. Design: The cost of the app development is also affected by the design. If the model is simple, the cost will be low and if it is complex, then the cost would be higher.  

Benefits of On-Demand Food Delivery App

  1. It facilitates the customer to avail the services as per their convenience.  For example, they can schedule the time of delivery of their order in a time slot of their choice.
  2. A lot of time is saved as the on-demand apps provide quick and real-time services to their users.
  3. The status of the orders can be viewed by the users and also they get notified about each and every step of the process.
  4. These apps are very profitable as more and more people are getting attracted towards on-demand food delivery apps.
  5. Customer support is also available 24×7 with on-demand food delivery apps. in case of any query and all the questions are replied instantly.
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