How much does it cost to build a website from India – 2019?

How much does it cost to build a website from India - 2019?

India is a top choice of offshore destination of many western countries from more than a couple of decade now for all I.T. services needs like Website Designing, Native Mobile App Development, E-commerce Solution Development, and Digital Marketing Services. So, Now the question arises for which this blog has been written for How much does it cost to build a website from India in 2019.

The simple answer is it depends on the nature of the website you want for your purpose and how deep you want to go with your new website features to make it business generation tool for your revenue targets. The website starts from a simple few pages website to a complex website with lots of user-friendly features. Basically, from India, you can get your website done between $299 – $9999. Here I will explain what makes the difference of prices between various parameters for doing a website designing for your business from India in 2019.

I recommend to read each point in detail below but if you are in hurry then here is the list of items which makes a difference in the cost estimation of any website.

  1. Type of Website you are looking for – Personal Blog, Informational Website, CMS Websites, E-commerce, B2B Web Portals, etc.
  2. How big website will be – Number of Pages, Features, Backends, Database, etc.
  3. The complexity of the website – Website features ranging from simple query form to Megha social networking portals.
  4. The platform which you choose to design & develop your website – Proprietary, Subscription based, Open Source, etc.
  5. Search Engine Complaint – Today website game is not so simple, It should cover all the search engine guidelines to rank in search engine and avoid penalties.
  6. Content Writing – Who will provide the content of the website You or the Leading Web Designing Company.
  7. Cost of Premium Extensions – If you are using Open Source then you need to purchase some Premium Extensions to make some awesome features on the website.
  8. Creativity for the Website Design – More Creative & Artistic website will cost you more than simple basic website design.
  9. Security & Hosting Infrastructure
  10. Cost of Loyalty Free Images for website designing
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Now I explain in detail how the above parameters impact the cost of website designing in India in 2019.

  1. Type of Website: Website designing services classify into Simple Static Website, Website integrated with Content Management System like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc, Dynamic Website with Features like Login, Customer Dashboard, Chatting, Purchase module, etc, Basic website for 1 – 5 pages will cost you around $299 only where if it will be integrated with some open source CMS system then it cost will be $499. Increase in a number of pages will add additional per page cost for the same in the estimate.  Any Professional Website Designing Company first gather your main motive to design the website & what will be your target audience. Based on this information they provide you details proposal containing different options to choose from.  Range of different types of Website – Personal Blog ( Free or Maximum $499 ), Information Websites ( Already shared above ), CMS Website Development ($499 – $2999), E-commerce Website Development ($999-$3999), Custom Web Portal Development ($1499 – $14999).
  2. Scope of the Website – Estimate generally depend on the number of pages you would like to design for your website, Set of how many features need to develop for your requirements, How many backends needed to manage Website / Web Portal, Which database will be used in the backend, etc. Simple the amount of a resource need to spend on the website work will be estimated and added to the cost of website designing.
  3. The Complexity of the Website – Complexity is 90% related to the features of the website and 10% for design complexity. For example: Need to develop simple login in or Sign up a module or we need to develop subscription-based access by the user both sound similar but have different cost estimation.
  4. The platform you choose to make your website – In today’s digital time in the market there are a lot of platforms are available to design the website. Some are Free and Some have better options. Like we generally do WordPress Website Development , Because WordPress is a Top most popular content management system nowadays. Website coded with WordPress will cost between $499 – $2599 or if we use some proprietor CMS then we need to pay their onetime/recurring charges.
  5. Content for new Website – As per today’s rule of search engines, We need to have all unique content on the whole of the website. If google found any duplicate content then it can give penalties to the domain and it hard to rank in the search engines then. If you self provides all the routine content then you can save this cost else in the market there are many content writers available for your requirement. Their price range starts from $9 per 500 words & onwards.
  6. Search Engine Complaint – Website should serve all the guidelines provided by Google from time to time. Such as Mobile Responsive Website Design. SEO friendly architecture, SEO friendly website code, Various process of testing to check and fix all search engine guidelines.
  7. Cost of Premium Extention – If you have a WordPress website then can able to see and purchase premium extensions to complete website with more premium features.
  8. Design Creativity – Creativity defines the price of a web design company. Designer need to spend more time then expected then custom needs to shell out extra money to cover those cost & time delays.
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