How much a Market Place B2B2C mobile app cost ?

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B2B2C means Business to Business to End Customer.

What is a MarketPlace Mobile App? 

Any App which has a feature to create accounts for different types of users, Where one user register to put their business profile, Service / Products details so that end user can access them and purchase them. Such apps are called as Market Place mobile app. Basically, One user is Business / Service Provider & another one who consumes these services & products.

Types of Market Place Mobile Apps, We see in our daily life? 

  • E-commerce mobile Apps – Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc. ( Different vendors upload their products to sell for the app user )
  • Food Ordering Apps – Zomato, Food Panda, Justeat, etc.
  • Appointment Booking Apps – Doctors Appointments, etc.
  • Marketing Apps – Where Vendor lists their profile to provide information about their business to promote among app users.
  • Cab Booking Apps
  • Room Booking Apps
  • Car Rentals Apps
  • Fleet Booking Apps
  • Event Organising Apps
  • Job Boards mobile Apps
  • Directories, Classified Apps
  • & Much more…

Why Market Place Mobile Apps are so much popular these days? 

The marketplace is so much popular these days because of internet penetration & different startups enter into this place to fund the MarketPlace platform and earn through transactions happen between vendor & customers. People are spending more time on their smartphone and these Market Places covers the niche services, which further delight the app users for convenience.

How much a Market Place B2B2C mobile app cost?

It depends on your business idea & required features you want in your first phase of development. Just say a simple app where vendors register their account and make their profile with service/image gallery & app user see the detailed listing and call to the vendor will cost around $3500 – $4500 with the timeline of 3 months.

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Marketplace mobile apps ranging from $3500 – $15000 depends on the following factors 

  • Type of & How many designs we need to do for a mobile app.
  • Type of third party API’s we need do.
  • Payment System or Just PayPal integration.
  • List of Features & time analysis how much it takes to code.
  • Special & Complex features.
  • Separate Apps for Vendors / Same login for both the users of the app.
  • Development for which platform iPhone or Android or Both
  • Scalability, Security, Efficiency optimization of the app.
  • and many other.

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