Top reasons to have native apps over web apps

Native mobile vs Hybrid mobile apps

Mobile applications are into our lives like a necessity, nobody can ever think to live without them in today’s fast pace digital worlds. Either they want to shop online, read latest happenings in their nearby or world, checks their emails, meet with their friends on social platforms, get connected with their loved ones, everything is occurring on the mobile apps in today’s time. 

What is a mobile application in layman terms. 

Mobile apps are those mini software application installed in your mobile smartphones to cater to some specific niche of activity, for example, Amazon Mobile App built for online shopping, BBC mobile app to distribute the latest news from around the world, Netflix Mobile app is a distribution platform of various media in news, films, games, cartoons, etc. 

Each small icon in your smartphone with distinct features comes under the roof of mobile apps. You can install them from relative apps store. Itune for Apple users & Google Play Store for Android OS users. 

Now you also want to taste this world of mobility? 

Going for a mobile app for your business or an idea just come into your dreams is not just easy like a website, you can’t just reach the developers and they code the things for you. Before that, you have to understand these mobile apps are of a different kind which further bifurcated into Native Mobile Apps & Web Apps. 

Selection of technique is necessary to get a mobile app which should be future-oriented to save your money and make the path of a mobile app to success easier. 

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Different Classes of Mobile Apps

  • Native Mobile App Development
  • Web Based Mobile App or Hybrid Mobile app Development. 

Both the standards of mobile app development have their benefits & drawbacks. You have to judge the right way based on your requirements & future planning related to your mobile app presence and at what depth you want to go with them in near future. 

What is called as Native Mobile App Development

Applications which are purely coded for respective OS of mobile phones such as Android, iOS or Windows are termed as Native Apps. They are complex, flexible to code any feature, Need depth knowledge of programming skills, featured reach, controlled & secure ones. 

In Native app development if you wish to launch your apps in iTunes & Google Play store, you have to code them differently on their respective language to create two separate apps to work on different platforms.  

They both have their pattern of coding & coded as per principles defined by their co-owner of the OS. A separate app for iTunes & Separate App for Google Play Store. 


  • Native mobile apps are a more scalable form of development. 
  • They are highly user-friendly. No restrictions faced by the developers to draft user experience as per your need. 
  • Faster than any other form of development because they run by the hardware of mobile apps. 
  • The developer can access all device level features such as camera, Bluetooth, background services, NFC, Sensors, etc. 
  • Reliable form of Mobile app development. 
  • Native mobile apps can work offline without internet. This is classic helpful in many types of mobile app development nowadays. 
  • Your control over the optimization of codes as you have full access to their core codes of the mobile app.
  • Preferred choice if you want to play mobility game for a long term. 
  • Cost-effective in terms of long-term consumption. 
  • Capable to absorb high usage of the mobile apps. 
  • Highly secure due to native coding. 
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  • Need to code separate apps for the different OS. 
  • The initial investment is a little bit high. 
  • Skilled developer needed to code the functionalities. 

What are web based mobile apps development or Hybrid mobile app development?

As the name sounds Hybrid apps are those apps which build for the native platform using technologies of web such as HTML, CSS, Java scripts. They are good for short-term app requirements like project prototyping etc. 


  • Easy to code as we need to develop single code for both the platform. No need of separate apps. 
  • Cheaper development and need less time. 


  • Can’s access features of mobile hardware like sensors, Bluetooth, etc. 
  • Relatively slow in running as compared to native apps. Because they have codes which a web browser to render codes which effects performance on the mobile device. 
  • Cant’s say them scalable as they are only limited to libraries with cross platforms. 
  • Restrictions of web-based codes to provide highly user-friendly apps. 
  • Sometimes rejected by the app stores because they are different from the core guidelines of the app stores. 
  • Not much secure. 


From the above analysis definetly Native app development have uper hand over the Web based mobile app development / hybrid cross platform mobile app development. 

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