Map based mobile app ideas for 2017

Map based mobile app ideas for 2017

We are now moving to the last quarter of this year 2017. Mobile app development has been innovating at very great speed nowadays.
We are seeing so much of distinctive apps on different business ideas on various platforms like Apple’s iTunes or Google’s play store.

Today I would like to discuss some map-based mobile app ideas which you can consider or combine into your next billion dollars mobile app idea. Maybe they are already popular in their business domains. So here I go with the information as follows:

1. Resource Tracking Mobile App – Resources are the different type such as Marketing Peoples, Employees, Field Executives, On the road vehicles, Cabs, Commercial Vehicles, etc. These apps used to track a real-time location of that particular resource to show the pointers on the map interface.

2. Information Directory or classified Mobile App – Here you can list various advertisement information on Map interface with their listing & offerings details.

3. Logistics – A mobile to show real-time position of your parcel on the road with the details of remaining time in the delivery.

4. Building inside map mobile app – using iBeacon based mobile app development which is known as BLE technology you can develop a custom map for the inside of a large building. And the user of the app can navigate through the markers.

5. Map based Social networking mobile app – List your all nearby available friends on the map interface and communicate with them via chat, message, call, video, etc.

6. Security Mobile Apps – Build a self-security mobile app with an SOS emergency button which triggers notifications to the predefined contacts in case of emergencies.

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7. Tour & Travel mobile apps – Make an app with the listings of tourist destinations with the option to show all nearby amenities with the real distance meter.

8. Discount offers mobile app – Show all nearby available offers by the retail shops to the app users based on the current location of GPS of the App user.

9. iBeacon mobile app notification – using iBeacon devices broadcast offers or business invite whenever your customer comes near to your office or retail outlet and show him the direction to your shop.

10. Route Tracking mobile apps – This app useful in showing the real-time traveling of the bus or any vehicle to the app user without actually present in the vehicle. Useful for Transport busses in school & colleges, Logistic transport trucks, Food trucks, etc.

11. Food Truck mobile apps – Make a mobile app to show all nearby Food trucks on the map with their listings to show food menu and the delivery or table booking options.

12. Property Mobile apps – Make a mobile app to show property listings on the maps with the option of virtual reality video.

and much more …

There are many innovative ideas of using map-based mobile app feature with your sole business model. If you have some idea and want to discuss the next steps or its feasibility. You can reach Map based mobile app developers India.